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You Are Never Too Young To Dream

Do you ever talk to your children about dreams and wishes? A lot of people ask their children what do you want to be when you grow up. Normally they want to know what type of career  their child is going to pursue. Do they want to be a fire fighter, police officer or doctor, attorney or teacher. There are so many things that they can possibly want to do.

I was at an event this evening that my daughter was performing in. It was an event celebrating the life and achievement of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.  It was a panel discussion on what his dream meant to the panelist and how can we in 2013 keep his dream alive. All five of the panelist were excellent, two in particular pointed out some interesting things. One pointed out that it took great courage and vision for Dr. King to even dream during the height of segregation and inequalities to African American people, but still he dreamed on. The other asked the audience what were their dreams. He even asked a seven year old boy in the audience what was his dream.


This seven year old did not answer back. I wondered if he knew what a dream was and understood what the gentleman was asking him. It was then that I decided to write this post about talking to our children about their hopes, dreams and desires. We can start the dialogue by asking them what do they want to be and also find out the things that they like. We can start to open up this dialogue so that they can start the process of dreaming.

It is good to start this early, not in a pressured  way, but in an exploratory sort of way. One of the reasons that it’s good to start this early is because kids don’t have limitations on their imaginations. We should encourage this limitless imagining. Just like we want to develop their little body and muscles and want them to grow. We also want them to have really strong and active imaginations. We want to them to start developing possibility thinking early.  Do not judge what they say just listen to it. Listen with an encouraging heart and mind.


If we begin to encourage our children to dream and imagine we will be helping them to create a vision for their lives. This is something that the second panelist brought out. It is very important to help our children to see past their circumstances and situation. We want them to learn to focus on their desired outcome, to see it in their mind’s eye. As parents we can help our children by helping them over time develop the skills and characteristics needed to accomplish their dreams. It is a gentle process that we can guide our children through. If they cannot come up with anything no pressures. As parents and educators we can begin to look at their gifts and talents for answers.

Ultimately you want to communicate to your children that they can. They need to feel that they can also and having them dream and imagine helps to build the confidence and esteem needed to accomplish their dreams. Adults can do this too. Just as it is never to early to dream it is never to late either. Try this with your children and let me know how it turns out. By the way, it doesn’t have to be your child it can be any child a relative or not. The whole idea is to plant the seed. I would love to hear from you; you may also feel free to leave a comment on your views.

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