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Verizon Wireless- 10 Years of Loyality Means Nothing To Them Only $: Teaching Children

You may ask what does Verizon Wireless and being loyal to them have to do with teaching children? What does money have to do with it you ask? Plenty!

I just spoke with a wonderful customer service representative named Juan from Verizon Wireless. I explained to him that Verizon Wireless has been my one and only wireless provider and inspite of my entire family being on ATT’s family plan I have remained loyal to Verizon Wireless all these years over 10 to be exact, probably even closer to 12.

Juan is explaining to me that the Droid X phone would only cost me $ 149.99.   I explained to him that it actually costs more because it’s only $149.99 with my $50 phone credit and the $100 mail in rebate which means that you have pay $249.99 up  front. Just about a week ago if you bought a Droid X phone online from Verizon Wireless you would get the same phone with an instant rebate and actually only have to pay $149.99. At least some one like me that had the $50 credit.

Juan did everything in his power to help me. I could hear him typing furiously in the background. He was always nice and polite, placing me on short holds several times while he checked with his superiors and yet his superiors said no. I explained that they are making it very easy for me to join my family with ATT because it feels like Verizon just wants my money and are just hoping that I don’t mail the rebate in and then they can keep my $100.00

Long story short what does this have to do with teaching children? As a dedicated educator and lover of children I am always looking out for the best interest of my children. My children are my customers and if they aren’t happy and thrilled with learning and coming to my dance class week after week then soon I would be out of business. Unlike Verizon Wireless I look at the big picture. Happy children(happy customers) tell other people about their experiences. This carries more weight than any advertising that I can do. My kids are always asking their parents is it Friday or Wednesday or whichever day is their day for dance.

Communication is king and is much more powerful with social media and mediums like blogs. I explained this to Juan.  People’s real life experiences count for something and are meaningful to other people. This is why after over 17 years of doing Pitter Patter Feet I am still loyal to making kids laugh, have fun, love learning, exercise their bodies and build thier brains and  learn the art form of dance. It is not about the money, it is about giving great value, having people feel appreciated and building happy, smart and fit kids. Word of mouth still carries a lot of weight. It is how I built my business.


Lastly, I’d like to give a big shot out and thank you to all of my many thousands of students, parents, teachers and directors over these 17 years. You are greatly appreciated and I love coming to work with you each day.

What do you think? Your thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to leave them below.

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