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Three Things You Can Do Today To Get Your Child To Behave

Getting children to behave is a universal challenge that every parent and teacher faces, but it doesn’t have to be. There are things that you can do if done consistently, that will help your child to behave. The key words here are “done” and “consistently”. I’m sure that you are all aware that in order to see results in anything you are going to have to actually do the things that you know you are suppose to do and do them consistently.

There are many different opinions and techniques that you can use to help your child behave but today we are only going to concentrate on three of them. They are setting clear guidelines and boundaries that your child understands, making sure you child understands the results of not following these guidelines and making sure that you as the parent or teacher follows through on what will happen if these guidelines are not followed.

Setting clear guidelines and boundaries for your child takes more than just saying to them you need to do x, y and z. You must also take into account several other things. Since you main objective is to get cooperation from your child and keep your sanity and peace, you want to give guidelines and boundaries that your child can follow. Expecting a 2 year old to remain still and in one place for long periods of time is a recipe for disaster and sets you both up to fail. So you want to take into account what is the child able to do at this particular stage of development. What motivates your child praise and rewards or taking privileges away or their freedom as in having to sit and be still .

The results of not following the guidelines should have components that have built in success and should also fit the act. This means that minor offenses should not be treated so severely but should be addressed nontheless so that a child learns what you want. Disciplining should be more about correcting and teaching than pain and suffering on any level, emotional, physically or spiritually. Building in successs means giving a child an opportunity to have another chance at doing it right. This is how children learn.

Lastly, the hardest thing seems to be being consistent and following through with whatever was established as a consequence of their actions. In the beginning it is easier but as time goes on it gets more and more difficult. To ensure success in this area, think about what you are willing and are able to do ahead of time. If you are not a popper then spanking your child is not an option so you have to think of other things  that you will be able to follow through with.

These 3 things work for children of all ages and can be very helping in showing that you care and love your child and want the absolute best for them. Children want to know that you love them and care about them and getting them to behave is one way of showing them this. You are also ensuring their future success in life.

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