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To Whom It My Concern,

Just Us Kids would like to thank Mrs. D’Ta-Relle Franklin Tullis, for 18 wonderful years of service. She is a delightful person to be around. She is a high spirited person full of life, when she walks into a room the sun will begin to shine. She is a hard working, creative, dependable, reliable, and most of all a joy in our hearts. She will definitely be an asset to your business as she was to our day care. I hope you will love her as we do.

Franchette Bryant, Executive Director

Just Us Kids, Inc Paterson, NJ

As a director of 3 childcare centers over the last 16 years, I have experienced many different consultants as well as teachers. But none have lasted as long or impressed me as much as D’Ta-Relle Franklin Tullis. Since 1994, I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. D’TaRelle, as our Creative Movement and Dance Consultant. She has proven to be very reliable, responsible, enthusiastic and punctual.

I feel she is knowledgeable and loving and an excellent role model for the children as well as teachers. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious and inspires both children and adults. Her classes are fun and exciting and well thought out and planned. She is also patient, creative and flexible and will try many different ways to get her point across so that learning and understanding are achieved.

D’TaRelle is both an effective and great consultant/instructor. We have been very pleased with her services through out the years and have continuously recommended her to many other schools. When I run into these directors at meetings and conferences or hear from them, they all mention how happy they are with her also. It is because of my experiences with her and the response from other directors that I would highly recommend D’TaRelle for any position.

Mrs. Phyllis Goodwin, Director

Kids Will Always Be Special Day Care Centers

It is an absolute honor to hire the services of Pitter Patter Feet to instruct the children enrolled at our school as well as our staff in the Art of Dance. Over the years, Ms. D’TaRelle has not only offered an enjoyable activity but curriculum is one that addresses fine motor, gross motor, and cognitive skills. She is always been a very dependable, and trustworthy professional in her field. Her services have brought about a tremendous health awareness to our staff as well as the parents. This has truly been beneficial to our company.

Theresa Ayers, Executive Director

Dove Community Child Care Academy, Inc.

Your creative movement classes has provided this school and its children with more experiences than we had expected. The children are excited and look forward to Wednesdays to participate in the activities. I personally  have noticed a difference in the growth of many  of our children which I feel your expertise has helped to nurture.

I must refer to the class as creative movement instead of dance because there are so many other needs being met that “dance” doesn’t really justify the program in it’s entirety. Our school provides a variety of activities to encourage social and emotional growth, oral and cognitive skills, self worth, and creativity. Our goal is to provide activities that promote these qualities.

In observing your program I’ve noticed that you also provide activities that promote the school’s objectives. Your program has introduced a new application for our children through movement. The children’s natural instinct toward imaginative play and discovery has broaden, the children are learning to master their large and small motor skills, their hand and eye coordination has shown tremendous growth, and most importantly they are enjoying this wonderful learning experience.

Through this program the children have a better understanding of themselves and in their ability to succeed and master their bodies in all curriculum areas. The children,  teachers and parents are quite excited about the creative movement classes that you provide for the school. We wish you continued success and encouragement in providing a necessary service for preschoolers.

Evelyn Jest, Head Teacher

Child Development Preschool, Irvington, NJ


I would like to commend Ms. D’TaRelle for her commitment and dedication to encouraging and fostering the art of movement and music in young children. She has been working with the infants i my class and it is always a great experience for the children, even the adults. From these sessions we have noticed the children making gestures from what we do when she’s here, in her absence. I think that she will be a great asset to our society as she pursues her career in the field of creative movement and dance. I would like to see this activity in all curriculums for Early Education.

Elenora Extevous, Infant Teacher

Imagine Early Learning Center

I work in the infant and toddler room at Imagine Daycare. Every Tuesday the teachers and infants look forward to our session that Ms. D’TaRelle has with us. The songs are upbeat for the kids and sets the mood for fun. On the days that Ms. D’TaRelle isn’t here, the kids remember the songs and try to imitate the gestures in the song.

We all enjoy Ms. D’TaRelle’s smile and sweet spirit every Tuesday that she’s here.

Gail Richardson, Infant/Toddler Teacher

Imagine Early Learning Center


This letter is to recommend D’TaRelle Franklin-Tullis for the instruction of adults in the early childhood field. D’Ta-Relle works with the children in my center with ages ranging from infancy to preschool age. The children express interest in the activities that she provides because they are age appropriate, challenging and most importantly builds their self esteem. The teachers and students look forward to her class every week because she makes them fun. It also builds on their gross motor, cognitive, and social skills. She also works with the teachers by communicating her ideas and plans as well as taking the opportunity to get our feedback on the curriculum that she is teaching. I am personally motivated by her instruction, and have taken her lessons back to the classroom because the children have enjoyed it so much.

I would like D’TaRelle to educate teachers in the early childhood field on music and movement because it is a skill that many teachers lack. It is also clear that she has a passion and commitment to her work, which I feel would make her an excellent instructor. It is important that children should benefit from physical activities, as well as gain a positive sense of self worth. As an instructor, she would be an asset to the Early Childhood community.

Simone R. Taylor, Owner

Children of Promise Consulting Services

It has certainly been my pleasure to get to know you. I can tell that you are passionate and nurturing. Great combination for young children – they need strong advocates and knowledgeable teachers, someone just like you! Keep the movement and music flowing. Much success and please let’s keep in touch.

Jacqueline Benton Ching, Infant Specialist/ Consultant/Instructor

Infant and Toddler Specialist for Program for Parents


Thank you for making Jalynn the next Beyonce. She dances more and more every day. She will definitely miss you. Thanks for everything and may God continue to bless you.

Tameka Glover, Parent

Thank you so much for your classes at Kelly ‘s Kids III. My son Terrell has enjoyed participating and has no problem showing others what Ms. D’TaRelle has taught him. He’s confident and out-going. I feel his personality is more open and expressive because of your influence on him. He has always loved to dance and he looked forward to taking dance classes with you and his friends at school. We hope to see you at Burch Academy. Thank you for sharing your love of dance.

Tralyn Brown, Parent

Just a note to let you know we enjoyed the recital immensely! I’m glad Maya has such a qualified and patient instructor.

Keep up the good work and let me know if I can assist in any way.

Tammy and Reggie Haynie, Parents

Thank you for being such a great dance teacher to Sean. He loves the dances you taught him and sings his “Stir the Soup” song. Thanks again!

Vicki Summer

I wanted to share some positive experiences regarding my daughter’s interaction with Mrs. D’TaRelle of Pitter Patter Feet.

First and foremost, Mrs. D’TaRelle is a blessed woman of God. She shares a wonderful gift with children in the movement of dance. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving!!!!!

My youngest daughter Kaya attends Kelly’s Kids in Union, New Jersey. She loves music and also dance. She is a bit shy(It is hard for me to believe this too :-) ). But Mrs. D’TaRelle was very patient and flexible with her. She let her attend some “practice” sessions until Kayla was comfortable.

I was truly grateful because she wanted Kayla to tell her that she was ready to participate. What a wonderful way to encourage the child to speak up and say yes to God’s gift!!! Praise the Lord!

As for my oldest Joy, she attended Kelly’s Kids from the early age of 3. She was active and participated in the dance group and loved every minute of it. She had a great time performing. Even though she is 7 years old, she still loves to hug Mrs. D’TaRelle because she to had an instant connection from the start.

I encourage all parents to speak to Mrs. D’TaRelle and enroll their child in this program. It is truly a blessing because they are being taught and led by a professional, passionate and experienced woman of God!

Yolanda Edwards, Parent


On behalf of our Bishop, John I. Cline and the New Life Baptist Church Dance Ministry, I sincerely thank you for visiting New Life Baptist Church and for sharing with us in our first annual Dance Conference.

You are truly an anointed woman of God! The children were excited and moved by your ministry.I trust that you too were blessed having shared this time with us.

You will remain in our thoughts and prayers as God continues to use you for His Kingdom.

Eagle Lizette George,

Director , NLBC Dance Ministry

Tortola British Virgin Islands

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  1. V. Millington says:

    Mrs. Tullis,

    I had the pleasure of being in your workshop, How Music and Movement Support Classroom Management, in March 2017. I wholeheartedly agree that music and movement supports classroom management. As a kindergarten teacher I have seen first hand the importance of music and movement in the classroom. My students are more focused and have better social interactions with their peers once they’ve been able to release their burst of energy in physically fun creative ways with music throughout the day. I really enjoyed your workshop-your enthusiasm, knowledge and the way in which you combined theory and practice (what a workout!). I also gained some new knowledge and wonderful ideas that I will implement in my class upon my return. Keep dancing and spreading your joy!

    V. Millington
    Kindergarten Teacher

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      Hi Violet!!!!

      Thank you so very much for putting our conversation after the workshop on paper. I am so very happy you enjoyed the workshop and got value out of it. The fact that you got a good work out and received some new knowledge and wonderful ideas that you will implement in your class, just makes me so happy! It is such a joy to work with joyful and knowledgeable people like yourself, your director Michelle and your colleagues.

      It was such a pleasure facilitating the workshop at your school! I appreciated you and your fellow teachers’ enthusiasm and willingness to try all of the activities that were given and keep an open mind. It is wonderful to have teachers like yourself who experience first hand the value of using Music and Movement to help making their job of teaching easier and more fun. Your students may not say it but I know they really love that about your class and it helps them to learn easier and faster and with such joy.

      Thank you so much for writing and you too keep spreading your joy of teaching and life.

      Happily, D’TaRelle

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