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Take Time For Teen Talk

I am sure most of you parents know that it is so important to talk to your teen but how do you do it. Both them and us are so engaged with electronic devices that it seems impossible to do but do we must because nothing can take the place of human interaction. Some of us can have days where we talk to our teens on electronic devices more than in person. That seems kind of crazy when you live in the same house right.

When my daughter was younger I would put notes in her lunch bag. As she got a little older I would put a sticky note on her bathroom mirror. I would change it periodically so she wouldn’t think I forgot. Wouldn’t want her to think she only had one great thing about her. But now she buys her lunch at school so no lunch bags.¬† So now I have to find other ways and means. I’ve listed¬† a few of them below.

1. Talk to them while you are in the car. This is where I have some of the best conversations. Many times she is talking about what happened to her at work and what a customer did or a fellow employee did. We usually have some great laughs.

2. When they are doing chores. As my daughter is loading the dishwasher we can have some of the most amazing conversations. It also takes their minds off of how much they really don’t want to do it, but it seems to make the time go by faster.

3. Watch television together or a movie. Television is not the evil thing that people make it out to be. It can be great means to find out their interests are and find out what is influencing them, this is especially important with teens. I also find that t.v. presents a lot of learning opportunity or teachable moments. It’s not so direct as talking to them about certain behaviors and ways of being.

4. Anytime you are waiting for anything. Any time there is a line of any sort, at the grocery store, bank, restaurant, hairdresser or barber shop. Just notice what is happening around you and talking about it and asking what they think.

5. During meal times. Any time you sit down to a meal is a great time to talk.

6. Sometimes it’s not about even talking. Sometimes you just want to be available to your child if they decide that they want to talk to you. This means you are accessible both mentally and physically. Sometimes you can be in the same room reading, or just being home.

You want to make sure that you get your child comfortable with talking to you about anything. The way to do that is get them in the habit of talking to you period. You want them to talk to you about both the little and the big things. In order for that to happen there has to be a relationship. Giving them an opportunity to talk to you also helps them to alleviate stress that they are not even aware of .

How do you make time for teen talk? I’m sure the ones I’ve mentioned most of you have done or are doing but I’d like for us to explore more ways and be creative. I’d like us to ask the question:”What else is possible?” So share what you do with your teen in the comment section below.

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