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Teaching Musicality To Children-Fun Fun Fun

Teaching musicality to children is one of the greatest joys of my job and can be fun for you too. Since I mainly work with children under 6, I’m concerned about basic things. Like how the music sounds, is it fast paced or slow or in between. How does the music make them feel. Ask the children to describe to you how the music makes them feel. Have fun with it and explore the not so ordinary, for example this music makes me want to eat ice cream or ride in the car.

The children can then show how the music makes their bodies feel.  The movements don’t necessarily have to match the tempo of the music. It’s okay for them to move slower or faster than the music. One of the main objectives is to get them to listen and get in tune with their bodies as well as freedom in expressing themselves. It is also a lot of fun when they do try to match the music and move to different types of music.

Children in my class also get to learn that their bodies can make music and how vibrations work in the body. You can explore this by making sounds and feeling parts of your throat and face where the vibrations are really strong. They can hum, sing a song, tone vowels and see how long they can hold it.  They can close their eyes and try to figure out where the sound is coming from.  Saying and holding the vowel sounds is also a great way of calming them down.

Students also learn about musicality through tapping rhythms on their bodies, on the floor, by tapping their feet and through clapping to the beat. The fun part is all the different music you can introduce the children to. Involve them by asking them to bring in music from home or sing songs from home  or their culture. They can also make home made instruments out of  oatmeal and grits canisters, water bottles filled with rice or good old pots and pans.

Have a blast!

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