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Teaching Children:Babies and Dance It's Never Too Early

It is never too early to start giving your children exposure to music and movement, two  fundamental components in dance education. It is very important though to keep a few things in mind. One very important thing is to make sure the music is appropriate for babies. What we like and what appeals to babies are totally different. You’ll have a greater success rate if you choose basic nursery ryhmes. Make sure the music doesn’t contain any jarring beats and is not too loud. This type of music can be frightening and causes them to cry. It doesn’t have to be lullabye music and can be up tempo with a good beat but the tempo shouldn’t be too fast.

You really don’t need musical accompaniment at all, just your voice is fine. You don’t need to worry if you don’t feel that you can carry a tune. It is still music to the babies’ ears, especially if you are their parent, caregiver or someone they are already familiar with. Babies love to be talked to. It gives them an opportunity to study you and get to know you more and bond with you. They love looking at your face and receiving the attention.

Simple songs like “Patty Cake”, “Bye Bye Baby”, “Where Is Thumpking” and “Open Shut Them ” are great songs to start off with because it is very easy to incorporate movement into these songs. You can also make up your own songs. An easy method of doing this is to sing a tune you’re already familiar with and just change the words. That way you don’t have to worry about forgetting the tune or trying to remember it.

Animation is key with children of all ages, babies included. They love the funny faces and voices that we can make and especially love our smiling and laughing. It is fun for both the babies and you even though it may look rather one sided in the beginning. The babies will tend to stare intensely in the beginning and maybe not move at all.  Don’t be discouraged they are studying and trying to figure everything out. Although they may not be moving they are still learning. As long as you have their attention they are engaged and that’s important.

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