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Teaching Children Dance and The Book of Eli

What does “The Book of Eli” have to do with teaching children dance I’m sure you’re wondering. There are so many lessons in this wonderful movie that are applicable to teaching it’s amazing.  One big one is using your body as an instrument to experience life. That’s crazy you say, of course we use our bodies as an instrument in life. We do it every day. Really?! When was the last time you sat down and really enjoyed a reallly good meal or smelled flowers or just listened to really good music that made you feel great. We are in such a rush nowadays that we take our body and our senses for granted.

One major component of my dance class is getting the children to use their imaginations. To imagine what it feels like to be a frog. What does a frog do and what sound does it make? How does a frog move  and get around. What about popcorn and birds etc. Why is imagination an important skill for kids to learn?  Imagination and creativity are the building blocks for problem solving. Problem solving is a skill that is necessary not just in subjects like math or school but in real life. A skill they will find useful for the rest of their lives.

Imagination and creativity build confidence  and encourages exploration. It expands the mind and gives us options. Having options and choices empowers us. Children learn what they can do and be. One of the reasons I love working in preschools and private schools is because imagination and creativity are encouraged. All day long children are pretending  and learning.  I can be a firefighter. I can be a nurse. I want to be a police officer. Children are really open to the possibilities in life.

When children have fun while learning they learn that learning is fun. They also learn a lot  faster and easier. They retain the information they’ve learned and can recall it easily. That’s why songs are an effective way to learn and remember. I bet you can think of songs from way way back like they were yesterday.   

Using your body can be an enjoyable experience and also foster an appreciation of fitness, creative expression and communication. Through dance not only can children learn about life but they can learn that there are many ways that communication can occur.

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