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Teaching Children Dance A Great Gift To A Child

One of the greatest gifts  you can give to your child is the gift of dance.  Being a dance teacher and choreographer I advocate both dance as a discipline to learn in a structured class as well as experiencing music and movement for its own sake.  In dance classes at Pitter Patter Feet the two methods go hand in hand.

In my dance classes there are times when we are doing  structured activites where it is important to move as a unit with everyone doing and learning the same thing and times when the children are allowed their own interpretation and expression of what they are learning.

This can be  done in several ways  and all the while learning is taking place. For example when we are making a train or a bus traveling through the town. We all have to stop and go together and move as one unit or else the train or bus doesn’t move.  The children learn cooperation and this helps with socialization. They also learn that they can do 2 things at once like move the train and wave to their friends and teachers as the train passes. This is amazing fun for the kids as the train twists and turns, travels under tunnels or bridges and the whistle blows. They love learning to use their imagination.

In another activity like freeze dance or make a shape the children can do whatever dance or movement they want but when the music stops that have to freeze or make a shape. This particular activity teaches self control and also to think and create spontaneously. It is a great opportunity to introduce different types of music at different tempos and the children get to create and express themselves and have great fun.

Dance is a great gift to a child because of the music and movement components to it. Studying the martial arts, gymnastics and sports are great and build a lot of the same things that dance does and have similar benefits but dance combines two great elements that contribute to the growth and development of a child and that is the wide variety of both music and movements that can be used.

So you can use the latest in brain development technology with Baby Einstein musically as well as cross lateralization movements for left and right brain integration,  along with all of the other ways of development like socially, physically, mentally and emotionally  to assist in developing a smart, fit and happy child. I think that is a great gift! How about you?

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