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Support In Helping You and Your Child Achieve Your Movement Goals

We all need all the support we can get when it comes to achieving our goals. We think it is easier said than done to achieve them but I ‘d like to turn that around and make it easier done than said. Listed below are some quick tips to help you be successful in achieving your movement goals.


Notice that I didn’t say exercise goals or fitness goals. I used the word movement because we tend not to have any preconceived thoughts about movement like we do about exercise and fitness. For some people just hearing the word exercise makes them want to jump under the covers.

You want to think more in terms of ” I want to move my body or I’m going to move my body today. I am going to move it a little more than usual and I’m going to move it in a way that’s fun and pleasurable for me. All movement counts and adds to your daily movement total. So if you just stand and swing your arms from side to side, this counts. If you take the stairs instead of the elevator that counts. So does parking further away from the entrance to where ever you are going.


Begin your mornings with an open ended question of ” How am I going to move my body more today?” and follow what ever inspiration comes. Having a great morning and day starts the night before. So being in bed by 10:30 pm if you are rising around 6 am is great. But you need to know how much your body needs personally for sleep. It doesn’t have to be the standard 8 hours, you may need 7 or 9 hours per night of sleep.

Proper hydration and nutrition is essential so  plan for this too by having water on your night stand in your bedroom so that you can drink it immediately upon rising. Keep water in plain sight as a reminder to consume it through out the day. A great nutritional support are vitamins and minerals take them daily.

Prepare a list of possible ways that you can move more that appeal to you. Keep this list handy and where you can see it as a reminder. Not only do you want to keep a list but you also want to have an idea where and when will you do this activity. It ‘s okay to do these activities in small amounts of time. Three ten minute sessions work as well as 30 minutes, so don’t feel that you have to get it all in at one time.


Doing some form of movement is now going to be a part of your life. Consistency is a major part of success without which you will surely fail. So do something that will come easy and be pleasurable for you. Don’t listen to those people who promote insanity¬† and moving and jumping like you are crazy. This will work for you only if you are that type of person and you really need results fast. But if you are the type of person that will do that on day 1 and after being sore the next day think this is for the birds, you should probably do a different activity.


Life happens and I find that if I don’t schedule things, things don’t get done. It’s also not scheduling just to say that you scheduled it and then not do it. Put some thought into it and really think about am I really going to do this or can I really do this. Take into consideration your entire life and obligations and get extra help and support if you need it.


Determine that you will do this every day and forgive yourself if life happens or you don’t. I know you’ve heard this before but here’s the difference. Consistency is going to occur as a result of focus and determination. Because of this focus and determination you are going to immediately reschedule your movement for the next available time that day. Normally what happens is we say “oh I’ll start again tomorrow.” But you want to have the power of momentum on your side. So say for example you were suppose to work out this morning and you woke up late. Immediately look at your schedule and see if you can walk around the parking lot twice before heading in to the office or on your ten oclock break you are going to go for a walk or maybe lunch time or the afternoon break you get the picture right.


This is something like having a plan A, B, and C. Have this thought out ahead of time so that whatever amount of time you have you will be able to take advantage of it and use it well. Remember make sure to choose something you enjoy, like or love or that interests you. It’s okay to start small and be consistent! You can do it! Tell yourself that as much as possible. Good luck and best wishes.

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