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Successful Teaching and Parenting: A Good Example of Rules For Preschoolers

Today at Rising Star Learning Center I had the honor of listening to a teacher Ms. Ameera , review the rules with her class. Her class is a mixed class of 2 1/2 to 5 year olds.  They are a very energetic bunch of preschoolers that love to dance. Their director Mrs. Queen Grimsley has had dance as a part of her preschool curriculum for almost 20 years. Both she and I have witnessed how it has greatly enhanced the children’s experience of learning. In addition to providing physical fitness, assisting in promoting social, emotional and cognitive development, she loves how it gives the children an opportunity to perform and express themselves.

Ms. Ameera and Ms. Aziza both realize that when children seem to be misbehaving that it is not always their fault. Sometimes it’s because of conditions, where they are developmentally and also because they need to learn what is expected and the appropriate way to act. This is an excellent time to introduce rules. Instead of just moaning and groaning and complaining that “these kids are off the hook.” or ” I am about to lose my mind.”, they decided to teach them how they are suppose to act and conduct themselves. This makes for a better learning environment. Everything is clearly defined for children. This is not to say that they wont need reminders frequently, but with continued use they will find that their class is calmer.

Listed below are the rules which are a part of the “Creative Curriculum ” Model in Abbott Preschools


1. Eyes are for watching.

2. Ears are for listening.

3. Bodies are still.

4. Mouths are quiet.

5. When you want to speak you raise your hand.

Thank you Ms. Queen, Ms. Ameera  and Ms. Aziza for sharing your school rules with Pitter Patter Feet. As I mentioned earlier rules help children to learn what is expected of them and help to create an excellent place for learning. What are your rules? Do you have rules for your home or classroom? Please share them with us. I would love to here from you. Please post a comment below.

2 Responses to “Successful Teaching and Parenting: A Good Example of Rules For Preschoolers”

  1. These rules are very similar to those that I suggest when working with my high school drama students! Ha! I would add “When I talk, you listen” to the list!

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      I love it! Amy! Hahahahahah!!!! I can’t believe you use the same list for high schoolers that is so funny! When I talk, you listen and when you talk I listen is on the previous rules list the day before. Thanks so much for commenting. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks for coming by and pleas visit again. :-).

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