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Successful Parenting: Tell Your Own Teaching Stories For Bedtime Stories

I wrote a post recently on answering your children’s why with a “Because I love you.” statement and explain the “Why?” later, well here is when the “why” is explained. You and your child can make up your own bedtime stories to help them understand why you tell them to do the things you tell them to do. You can name it, “The Stories Of Why”.

This idea is great for your preschooler and is great right after a bath and they are tucked in bed, after the drink of water, bathroom and a check for monsters under the bed. Bring the paper and marker and crayons to draw the pictures. It would be great if you had a large book or laptop desk for the paper and crayons to sit on. You can tell the story and your child draws it.

Or you can draw the characters as you tell the story if you child is too young or just wants to hear the story. Make the story simple and easy to understand so that they get the moral of the story. Asking them questions helps them to understand the story even better and helps them to integrate it within themselves. It is so much more powerful when children come to a conclusion on their own. It is very empowering for them also.


If earlier that day as you were getting your child ready for school they gave you a hard time about brushing their teeth. You can make your bedtime story about “The Boy Who Lost His Teeth”. You can begin your story first by asking your child “What do your teeth do?” . You can also ask if they think that’s important and ask them why. Children have an amazing amount of wisdom and understanding so tap into it.

Begin the story with the “Once upon a time in a land far, far, away there lived a little boy with his mom, dad, sister Emily and cat Fe Fe.” Just make it up and have fun. You can involve your child by asking them, “What do you think happened?” or ” And then what happens”. They will love being involved and this will help them remember the story better.

You want to write down the story so that you remember it and always have it available in the future. You also have the option of getting books that tell the story for you either from the bookstore or library. I think purchasing the books are better because it’s less of a hassle of trying to remember to get the books back to the library.

Try this with your child and see what happens. Make sure you remind your child that this is explanation time and the time to ask any questions. Try to anticipate the questions in advance so you can be prepared. Also if you run out of reasons ask them why do they think. Turn it around and have them think about the situation more deeply. Let me know how it turns out and leave a reply.

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  1. Being the huge dork I am, my mind can’t help but wonder off and think that these Why Stories would make great Kindle Books! This is something I need to try with Dallice my seven year old for sure.

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      My brilliant and beautiful friend you are millions of miles away from a dork. I personally thought that was a brilliant idea. You were thinking that way for a reason and I thank God for that, because I know I have many books in me it is just a matter of taking the time to write them. Also Dallice is adorable!!!!!!!beautiful just like her mom. Does she study dance, she looks like a little dancer.

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