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Successful Parenting: They Only Hear It After The One Million Times

I am sure you’ve had this experience. You tell your child something over and over and over again. It seems like you are just wasting your breath and are not getting through to them and then like magic someone else says the exact same thing, one time,  even down to the same words and they get it. What!, you say, really! Really, and it’s quite alright, just be grateful that eventually they got it.

This happened to me on Sunday after church, my daughter was ranting and raving “how lovely” to use her words, the sermon was. ” I feel so empowered!” she says all excited and with glee like it’s Christmas or something. I even look at her to make sure it was really my daughter saying this.

You really have to understand this,my daughter thinks getting excited is being theatrical. To put it in her words “It’s a bit much.” or sometimes “It’s too much.” depending on her mood. So to see her all excited and giddy I was shocked.

Of course you know I said to myself ” How many times have I said not to say negative things about yourself.” How many times have I said “watch the words you say about yourself and other.” Then the pastor preaches a sermon about the exact same things and some additional topics and she is skipping to my lou.

But you know what I am actually happy and grateful that she got it. I felt as if my constantly saying it was like a bridge that helped her cross over until she finally got it for herself. So it’s a good thing not one to be upset about. Oh yes, I am probably exaggerating just a tad about saying it one million times. It sure feels like it though. And I know I’m not alone in feeling this way.

Just wanted to let you know that you are doing an excellent job when something likes this happens. You can be proud and say to yourself, “Yes!, she got it or he got it!” and allow it to make you feel good and proud and make your day. You can even give yourself the “Best Mother of the Day” award and eat some chocolate, get your hair or nails done or just sit down and flip through a magazine, whatever works for you. The main thing I want you to do is just remember it’s a good indication of your parenting skills. Let me know how it turns out.

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