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Stress Reliever: Flying Your Preschooler To School

Today I had a joyful experience of watching a mother fly her daughter into school. In taking my own daughter to school, we pass a preschool every day. It brings me such joy to see the little people walking with their parents so to see someone flying in was a real treat, something out of the ordinary.

Most of the time the parents have this really serious look on their faces. It seems like they are already at work thinking about what they have to do. The children on the other hand seemed to be really excited and happy about coming to school. It looks as if they are anticipating the fun and excitement they will have.

This mother had her daughter in both of her arms lying horizontally on her belly with her arms outstretched like Superman, but in this case she was Supergirl. Both the mother and the daughter had the biggest smiles on their faces as the daughter flew in. This was a real cool mommy because she had the daughter flying up and down like a wave. I can see why they were both having so much fun.

The child was having a blast because this was such a cool way to come to school. I’m sure that most days she’s walking in, feet on the ground and her body positioned vertically. But today she got to fly in, what joy she felt and you could see it all over her face. The mother was so happy because she could see the joy it was bringing to her child. I can really imagine how happy she was. I was so happy just looking at them being happy. That’s the thing about happiness it can be contagious.

When you are smiling, having fun and experiencing joy stress just melts away. Your body is flooded with feel good chemicals that are released in your brain and body. What a wonderful way to start the day both for the mother and the child. The likelihood and probability of them both having a great day was greatly enhanced by starting off their day this way.

So the next time you are having a stressful time getting your preschooler to school stop and remember to fly them in. I can guarantee you that if you stop and do this you will both instantly feel better. If there are book bags and blankets and lunch to carry just make a separate trip. Or you can ask them to hold them while you fly them in. Try this and let me know how it turns out for you. If you are really pressed for time maybe you can fly them to the car when you pick them up, or fly them to the house. Either way it should prove to be a fun time for all.


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