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Stress And The Immune System Of Children

As adults we often don’t think children get stressed out but they do. A lot of behavior that we feel is misbehavior is brought about because children are  stressed. Stress adversely affects everyone’s immune system and the ability to ward off and fight disease but even more so for children. It is one of the contributing factors of why children get colds so easily and frequently.

Yes, there are things that you can do to keep your child healthy like eating nutritious food and beverages, drinking plenty of water, getting the proper amount of rest and making  sure that they wash their hands frequently but there are other things to do as well.

One of these other things is making sure to keep stress to a minimum. No you can’t alleviate stress all together but you can do some things to offset the stress you child might experience. Some people feel that when their child attends school there is nothing that they can do because when one person is sick with a cold or flu everyone catches it. But with a stronger immune system your child will be able to fight off germs and be sick less often. Listed below are some things that you can do to minimize stress in your child’s life.

  1. Don’t rely on food alone. Supplement your child’s diet with vitamins and nutrition packed drinks, like smoothies.
  2. Assure them that you love them and will do everything you can to keep them safe.
  3. Physical Exercise is an excellent stress reliever make sure they get at least 120 minutes of exercise a day.
  4. Maintain the routines that children look forward to on a daily basis and communicate to them when there will be any changes.
  5. Talk to them often and ask them how school or their day went.
  6. Help them start a journal where they can write down how they feel, especially when there is no one to talk to.
  7. Start teaching them early that there are times to be still and be quiet if only for a few minutes.
  8. Reading is a very calming and soothing activity, help them to start doing it or do more of it.
  9. Pay attention to the things that they love to do that engages and holds their attention with the exception of videos games and television. Things that are child initiated and executed build esteem and confidence.
  10. Lastly, give them a hug and kiss everyday and speak positive words and events over their life when you are with them or without them.

Realize that children get stressed too but do not know how to communicate it to you. It is for this reason that you as a parent want to take a proactive approach and do things to prevent the accumulation of stress in your child’s life. Also take into consideration that misbehavior is another form of stress for children. It is a call for help. Some times it may be a call for more attention, or to be taught guidelines and boundaries or to be comforted and assured. By being aware of these possibilities you will be more equipped to meet the needs of your child. Be sure that if you are unsure get professional help. You can get help from books, blogs and other  resources. You don’t have to do it alone, help is available.

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