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Saw Two Great Movies

I had a great time at the movies this weekend and saw two really good movies. The first was the ” Princess and the Frog”.

I really loved this movie.  As an African American woman I was happy and proud to have the family of Tiana depicted  with both a mother and father present and having good values and love. These types of family do exist in the African American culture and it was great to see it depicted in animation form. I loved Charlotte too,  she tickled me to no end. Both Tiana and Charlotte were very determined to have what they wanted, to follow and achieve their dreams. I lilked how the movie gives us all permission to dream again. That there is still good to be had in life. In spite of whatever may come our way that life is still on our side and is good. We have a lot to be grateful for.  We have a wonderful opportunity to look at all the good and what’s right with our life and be grateful and happpy for it. This is what that movie did for me and I plan to purchase 2 dvds, one for my daughter and myself.

The second movie was ” Avatar”  and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. The only reason I went is because my husband wanted to see it. I would have preferred to see “Nine” but  am happy that I saw “Avatar”.  It communicated to me that there are always people in the world that want to do the right thing. That good still truimphs over evil and that the power of love still prevails. It also reminded me that you still can’t judge a book by its cover and that you really need to get to the heart of the matter. That people and the bigger picture will always matter more than money. And although money is important, we have an opportunity to find a way to find a win-win situation for everybody and everythng involved. Nature and Spirit are things to be valued and included in our lives and bring us even more value. By including these things in our lives, our lives become easier, and more enjoyable and flow.

Did you see either of these movies? I’d love your thoughts and opinions on them or any other movie you might have seen this holiday season.

Peace and Happiness,


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