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Saving Children’s Backs

I was in Best Buys the other day having my laptop worked on when I see this guy pushing twin girls on a cart. This was like a long cart that you would put something like a large flat screen television or something on. You were not able to see how adorable they were because their heads were down and they were deeply engrossed with playing with their tablets. They made the letter “C” with their bodies.

The dance teacher and mother were instantly awakened and screaming inside of me. “SIT UP STRAIGHT !!!!!!! HEADS UP!!! How long are they going to sit like that, I wondered and how long were they sitting like that before I saw them. Nothing against the dad,¬† I understand that he wanted to give them something to occupy themselves so that¬† he could shop with ease. I totally get that.

I also feel that aside from the fact that children are spending so much time with this type of technology and are doing it at younger and younger ages, we should still take precautions and make sure that it doesn’t do more harm than good.

So to parents, grandparents, godparents, and all people who are responsible for children and have them in their care. Please be mindful about children’s postures as they play with these games. Please do not let them be hunched over for extended periods of time. Help them by having them hold it in front of them in a way that their neck and back are in correct alignment. This goes for texting too.

Also limit the amount of time that they are allowed to engage with technology. Make sure they have some movement in their lives be it sports, games, fitness or things like dance, the martial arts etc. Skate boarding, bicycle riding as well as skating of all types are also great options for moving their bodies.

Taking these precautions will help prevent future and probably current back problems. By enjoying moving their bodies and being engaged in a different way will also help to ensure that you will have a happy, healthy and fit child.

What else do you think we can do to have our children engage in technology in ways that are not harmful to them? I would love to hear your comments and feedback. Please share them with us and have a great day! :-)

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