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Remember To Hug Your Loved Ones Today

Remembering to hug and kiss your loved ones seem like such an unusual thing to try and remember. It seems like we have so many and seemingly much more things to remember. Like when is my child”s parent teacher conference is, is it today or next Thursday, or when is Mommie’s doctor appointment with her Geriatric doctor. Things like making sure our family has something to eat and we make all of our commitments seem to take up so much space in our brains.

Even things like work and project deadlines, dance classes, soccer practice, choir rehearsal and Bible study, the list goes on and on and on and on. These things seem so impotant until tragedy strikes. Once this happens the real things that matter clearly come into focus. Now the fact that your husband left his dirty socks and underwear in the middle of the bathroom doesn’t matter. The fact that you just brought a gallon of milk and a whole new box of cereal on Sunday and now it’s Thursday and it’s gone, is no longer the most pressing thing on your mind after a castastrophic event.  All you can  think about then are, your life and safety and those of your loved ones.

A very close friend of mine, I call her my bestest friend in the whole wide world, asked her husband did he love her. He looked at her like “What!” , “What kind of crazy question is that?!” He then responded “Baby you know I love you.” In his mind his love for his wife is so clear, so evident. It never dawned on him that she would not feel his love and know that he loved her.  My friend then asked her husband “How would I know that?” Another trick question for him as far as he was concerned. But then he wised up and said “I guess I got to do better.”

Stevie Wonder wrote a song called “These Three Words”. It was about the words “I Love You.” They are so short and simple but mean a whole lot. Said and expressed with sincerity they contain profound power. This is especially true of children. Expressing our love to our children with a smile, a hug, a kiss or a nice note does wonders. Expressions of our love to our loved ones is not only great for them but for ourselves also. Love is one of the few things that can never be depleted. You will always have more love to give and never run out.

It is not to late to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them. Do it now. If you haven’t done it in a while expect a quizzical  look. Expect them to say things like “Ok what do you want?” or “What happened?” or even “What did you do?” They will be suspicious and may study you for a moment. That’s alright, the important thing is that you expressed your love, while you had the chance. So remember to hug your loved ones today and while you’re at it give them a kiss and a squeeze too.    

Have a happy day! :-) D’TaRelle

10 Responses to “Remember To Hug Your Loved Ones Today”

  1. What a great reminder. I have an article stuck on my wall with the 3 most important things to do in the morning – 1. Get quiet, 2 – eat a good breakfast, 3 – hug someone before you leave (even if it’s your pet!)

    Hugging is my favourite activity. I will take any opportunity to give my kids (aged 15 & 13) and hubby a hug. Fortunately they are all accommodating!

    Apart from the emotional benefit, I think there are some great physiological benefits to it too!

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      I love the hugging part too and you’re right Tamsin there are physiological benefits to hugs. They help us feel love and secret hormones that make us feel good on the inside. Hugging my grandmother 24 times with one for good luck kept her out of the hospital. Before I tried this experiment she was always in the hospital. It really works. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting and please come again. :-)

  2. Great reminder to go love on our families!! You are right, that when tragedy strikes, all that other stuff goes right out the window.

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      Hi Mystic thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I hope you showed some love to your family Mystic. Please stop by and comment again. :-)

  3. Very good article. We can get so caught up in the mundane things of life and forget the important things. Kids grow up way too fast. Mine are in their mid 20’s and I only see them every few months. Because of the job market, my husband works in another state. My Mom is getting up there. And so am I. Time to stop and smell the… well the daffodils are up! Thanks for the reminder. :)

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      So true Mary Pat and I can really feel where you are coming from. Kids do grow up so extremely fast. I remember other parents telling me that, but when you are going through it it doesn’t seem so fast. But let me tell you when it’s time for them to go to college you are in shock at how fast the time flew by. Yes do remember to smell the daffodils, roses, tulips and what ever wonderful thing you can smell to help you enjoy and appreciate life. Thanks for stopping by and commenting and please do so again. :-)

  4. This is such a great reminder, D’TaRelle, especially in the times we live in. Make that contact! Love on your loved ones, so you’ll never regret a day.

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      Yes it is Amy and this is so true, you don’t ever want to feel regret. Thanks for commenting and stopping by and please do so again. :-)

  5. Lovely – I tell my dog I love him every day, my husband less, he does look at me oddly as I like to express how I feel – but as you say, it could be a day too late and there would we be?

    Whenever I speak to my mum I tell her that I love her – we are separated by the miles but not the heart.

    Off to tell hubby I love him!

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      How wonderful Jacqui!!! So happy you are off to tell your husband you love him. Those are such wonderful words that every husband loves to hear. I’m sure your dog and your mum loves them too. Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by and please do so again. :-)

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