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Raising Healthy Kids: Providing Balance For Kids

Providing balance for your child will benefit them greatly health wise. Rushing about can cause a great deal of stress for the parent as well as the child. Today’s children need a persona digital assistant otherwise known as a smart phone to keep up with all of their activities and appointments. They have scoccer practice and dance 3-4 or even 6 days a week depending on their level, and piano, voice, violin lessons, debutante  and pagent rehearsal in addition to studying and maintaining their grades.

When do they have time to just be and not do anything. First and foremost I am not knocking any of these activities. I kow being a parent myself that the parents of these children have the children’s best interest at heart. I know that it is an incredible sacrifice for the family also.

Just like activities and school  are scheduled down time where children are not scheduled to be  anywhere specifically is important. If it is not scheduled it will not happen, especially where there are mutliiple children in multiple activities.

Take this time to introduce children to activities like reading or creating something with their hands and mind. It can be anything like learning to cook, sew, make jewelry, learn about car repair or whatever interests them. Doing these activities in their own home  provides the option of doing it or not doing it and is more of a “get to ” rather than “have to”.

In doing this you are teaching your children balance. You are teaching them that constant go go going needs to be balanced with relaxation  and time to just be and pursue hobbies and other interests. Instituting a family night or having an activity to do as a family helps to keep the family connected and happy. You may also just have time where they pursue their interests and you as parents pursue yours.

In learning to balance their lives now at an early age children learn to take this skill into their adult life and continue to live a balanced life and grow into being happy and balanced adults.

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