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Preventing Childhood Obesity: It Really Works

It seems as though childhood obesity prevention is not taken too seriously in spite of the static that 30% of the population is obese. In every state of the United States obesity exists and a large part of that population are children.  I am so excited  to share some good news with you with regards to this topic.

During a workshop that I was facilitating , “Play All Day For A Healthy Brain”,  a teacher shared with the group of how she caringly intervened  in a situation  where the obesity of a child was adversely affecting his performance in school. He was having trouble focusing and concentrating, his breathing was labored and he became very withdrawn. He did not want to participate in many of the activities in school.

The teacher talked to the parents with regards to diet, nutrition, exercise and physical activity. It turns out that the parents were not really conscious of what was happening. They were not aware of the fact that in dealing with the daily concerns of life and choosing fast food on a nightly basis was having an adverse affect on their son. They thought that their son was getting a lot of physical activity in school and didn’t need any additional  activity.

Like these parents most parents are not aware that the recommendation for physical activity is 120 minutes daily for preschoolers. Sixty of these minutes should be unstructured where children are deciding what type of play and physical they would like to participate in. The other 60 minutes should take place in an environment where an informed adult is facilitating the activity. This informed adult knows what activities that need to be developed and practiced in children.

This story has a happy ending though. I am happy to report that this took place in May. During the month of June the parents put their child in a summer day camp where the child got a lot of physical activity and ate a lot more nutritously and drastically reduced eating fast food. The child is now half the size he was and the parents were so grateful to the teacher. The teacher took a picture of the child with her phone but cannot release the picture until she gets the consent of the parents. This was by mid-July that these results happened.

Please feel free to share your own success stories as well as your questions and comments. We would love to hear from you.

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