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Preventing Childhood Obesity By Preventing Emotional Eating

As a parent or caregiver you can help in preventing childhood obesity by helping children to deal with their emotions in positive and empowering ways. Helpimg children to deal with their emotions in this way helps in preventing emotional eating before it starts.

You can start helping your child even at a very young age. Children depend on parents and teachers to help them make sense of and understand the world and how to navigate in it. When children are very young they cannot tell us they are frustrated but they show us through crying, hitting or acting out. 

When they are trying to achieve a certain outcome for example  trying to build a block tower out of wooden blocks but they keep falling. We can say to them, you are probably feeling upset because the blocks keep falling. Or you are probably feeling frustrated because you want the blocks to stay on top of one another but they keep falling.

Depending on their age you can problem solve with them by saying something like: “Let’s see how we can make the blocks stay.” If they are really young maybe you can do what they were trying to do with somethng else so that they can see how it’s done and then ask them to try.

This approach is very effective and empowering because it does several things. One it teaches them that it is okay to experience unwanted emotions and what they can do to deal with them. Secondly it teaches the child that they can have a different outcome than what they are experiencing that makes them feel better.

Lastly, it provides the child with languaging skills that will be useful as they grown and mature and begin to develop emotional intelligence within the child. It is empowering because they learn that they can do something about how they feel.

This is much better than giving them a cookie or ice cream or some sort of food to feel better. In this way they learn not to use food as a way of feeling better, comforted, being understood or loved.

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2 Responses to “Preventing Childhood Obesity By Preventing Emotional Eating”

  1. Thank you for this very important message – as parents and caregivers we need to help children understand their emotional problems and offer ways of solving or improving on them, without the use of food as the “thing” that will make them feel better. Ice cream is not a good solution to a frustrated child.

    I also liked what you said about providing the child with language skills that can help them express more of their feelings.

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      Lee thank you so much for your incredible insight. I agree we have to get to the root cause of what is causing the emotions and address that. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just talking about it can be so helpful for children. Looking them in their eyes validates them and helps them to feel heard and important.

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