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Preventing Childhood Obesity By Getting Your Kids To Bed

Childhood obesity can be easily prevented by doing something as simple as getting your kids to bed on time. We all know that children need their proper rest to grow but we never really look at how a lack of sleep affects the processes of the their young bodies. In addition it not only affects their body but their behavior, productivy and learning and their eating habits.

When children don ‘t get enough sleep they are not getting all the nutrients that their bodies need to grow. This in turn effects blood flow to the brain. Because of the lack of nutrients traveling through the blood going to the brain foggy thinking occurs. This also causes irritablilty and hinders progress and learning in school. Sleep is fuel for the body. The body needs fuel to run just like a car needs gas to run. Without proper energy the body cannot break down and process the intake of food properly which leads to excess weight gain.

When irritablilty occurs children are more likely to have fights and disagreements in school. They are ultra sensitive and the slightest thing can set them off and cause a tantrum. Their emotions are adversely affected. We have a tendency to think only babies need to get their proper rest or else they will be cranky. Lack of sleep also affects older kids even up into the teen years. Many times instead of rest children don’t realize they are tired and tend to turn to eating. Usually they crave junk food like salty and sweet products and tend to mindlessly eat.

Junk food is not the proper fuel for their bodies. It is just empty calories that contribute to weight gain and lacks nutrition. Since the body isn’t getting what it needs it sends out the call for more food. It’s like that the words in a song Bob Marley sings  that says”My belly’s full but I’m hungry”. The link between improper rest and weight gain is often missed.

Productivity is adversely affected because there is not enough energy to perform the needed tasks for the day. Lack of energy affects motivation and enthusiasm. It also affects kids’outlook on life and present situations. Because kids are in situations were they are interacting with adults in authority positions it is essential that they have all the benefits of a good night sleep so that they can think clearly and respond appropriately and effectively.

When kids do get proper rest learning becomes much easier. They are alert and attentive. Information is easily absorbed and retained as well as recalled. They have a much more positive outlook and are happier. They are much more cooperative. Happy children tend to not have to use food as a pacifier or comforter. They are more  energetic and that energy can be used to engage in fun activites like dance, or sports or some sort of movement  activity that will burn calories and help them to be healthy.

As you can see, sleep is a very important factor in preventing obesity and also helping our children to be happy, productive and smart children. It will help your child do well in school and at home. They will have a much more positive and optimistic  attitude and look forward to life. You as the caregiver will have contributed greatly to their success in life.

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