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Preventing Childhood Obesity By Getting Fit With Your Child

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Wouldn’t it be great to have an activity that’s fun, promotes health and help you feel great afterwards? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could bond with your child and it would be something that the entire family can do? While thinking about giving you tips to keep your New Years resolution about getting into shape or improving your life, the idea came to me to have a Preschool Dance for Kids and Parents class.

I would modify the class a bit but the whole objective of the class would be creating a space where parents and kids can have fun together moving and dancing. It wouldn’t be a hard class, it would sort of be like a party but everyone is doing the same steps instead of their own steps. Doing your own thing can be incorporated into the class so the participants can have their own time for creative expression and to be in the spot light.

In my mind I see all these moving bodies both big and small with big happy smiles on their faces, some eyes opened others closed having a blast dancing to Elmo, Yo Gabba , The Backyardigans, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and much more. It would be an activity for both boys and girls and moms and dads. At the end of the class there would be a time to wind down and stretch and get in touch with your body.

It would be broken down into age groups like a class for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children up to about age 7. The music would be based on what interested the children and what programs they watch on television. It would be great if it could take place once a week every week.

I can see having this type of activity in the beginning of a PTSO meeting at schools or just a way for schools both elementary and preschools to have a fun and healthy way of relieving stress for the parents and providing fun and fitness for both the parents and their children.

In my mind it sounds wonderful but I wonder what you all think of this. I would love to have your feed back and hear your thoughts on something like this. How do you think it would work best. I know initially the parents will not want to move. They will probably just want to sit and watch like they normally do. So somehow I will have to encourage them just a little.

Maybe I have to have it split where they can rest during the class and take breaks until they get their wind and the children can do more action oriented stuff like pretending to be pop corn, frogs and dogs crawling  and hopping on the floor. Anyway please share your comments on this idea by leaving a comment below and also sharing it with your family, friends or anyone you know that might be interested in something like this. You can also share this post on social media. I would love to hear from you. :-)


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