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Preventing Childhood Obesity By Encouraging Creative Thinking

To some preventing childhood obesity by encouraging creative thinking may not make any sense to you. If you are new to my blog allow me to explain. Most people feel that since obesity is a physical problem it should be addressed at the physical level. That makes a lot of sense and I too agree that it should be addressed at the physical level. I also feel that it should not only be addressed at the physical level but also mentally, emotionally and in a way that addresses the whole child or whole being.

Children are not the ones who buy the groceries and prepare the meals parents and caregivers are. So in some cases trying to address it on a physical level will not be sufficient if the parents¬† and caregivers don’t feel that there is a problem or something to be concerned about. This is why in addition to the physical approach which in my case involves dance, creative movement and fitness exercises as well as nutrition. I also include other aspects of the child that will add to their well being. like the mental,emotional and social aspects of children’s development.

It is important to me that children not only develop a fit body but also develop mentally  and acquire a sharp mind that processes information better and gives them an advantage when it comes to taking standardized test, memorization, literacy and math skills. My classes are also designed for them to use their minds in creative ways also that expands their thinking.

So what does preventing childhood obesity and creative thinking have in common? As mentioned earlier, I am interested in addressing the whole child. Although I can’t be with them when they are eating or trying to encourage them to move, dance and have fun at home. I can be with them in a way that encourages and facilitates self esteem , confidence and limitless thinking that transcends time and space. How a child feels about themselves is very important and stays with them much longer than a meal or an exercise.

Children are forming opinions about themselves and the world they live in all of the time. The opinions that they form about themselves now at an early age are very important because this sets the foundation for how they will see themselves for the rest of their lives.

So I take a multifaceted approach that not only encompasses the physical, exercise and nutrition, but also the mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of a child. I take this approach because I have students in my dance class that are much larger than they need to be and if they continue at the pace that they are going they will definitely be obese. But I cannot go home with them and change their diet and eating habits. I only see these children once a week and I don’t know what other movement or exercising that they are doing when I don’t see them.

This is one of the reasons that I take the approach that I take. I want to give them every advantage that I can. I want to build their confidence and esteem and help them feel that they matter and can do what they set their minds too. I do this because if I build this foundation now when they are old enough to make eating decisions  on their own, because they feel good about who they are and themselves,they will take the initiative to take their health into their own hands.

The other reason why I do it this way is because I want to explore and develop as much of their potential as I can. I want them to have every advantage possible and win at life. If they have a brain that processes information quickly and massively, has an excellent memory and thinks creatively. They will do much better on standardized tests than their peers. They will also do better in school. They will have the inner resources to succeed in college, their careers and life.

Thinking creatively is a skill that will serve children well. It expands and enriches their thinking. More opportunities will be open to them because they will have the ability think of many different solutions to a problem or situation and be able to take things to the next level. Hopefully the success they are achieving in one area of their lives will affect the other areas.

I hope by now you can see the correlation between these two seemingly unrelated items. In my next writing I will show you with an example of how this works. Until then feel free to add your comments and thoughts I’d love to hear from you.

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