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Preventing Childhood Obesity Using Dance

Using dance to help children move, learn and have fun is an excellent way to prevent childhood obesity. As a parent or teacher you are helping your child to get into the habit of physical activity early in life.  An activity like dance has many benefits that other activities do not. Dance is an activity that your child can do alone or in a group. It also incorporates one element that many other activities do not and that is music. It calls upon the student to utilize memorization skills, as well as problem solving skills. It uses the mind and muscles simultaneously developing a smarter student as it develops the brain.

Don’t expect your child to come home excited about how they developed their brain and explored new and exciting things that they can do with their body. Do expect them to tell you about how much fun they had. Expect them to tell you how they flew to a distant land with wings, or a cape like Superman  or even as an airplane. How much fun they had going in slow speed, fast speed and meduim speed as they flew.

This is fun for a child not exercise as they are using the largest muscles in their bodies, their legs to run in the different speeds. Fun is what fuels the dance class and because of this learning takes place. So if you aks your child to show you what they learned in dance class and they take off running don’t be alarmed. You might ask them if a Ballet run is the same as when they run on the playground or at the park or in the gym and to show you the difference. Now your child knows the difference between fast and slow and in between. If they are a little older they might learn pre Math skills by learning about parallel and perpendicular lines.

These things are usually learned in a preschool dance class or a class geared to 3-5 year olds using Creative Movement and Dance. It is a good idea to start them young so they can develop a love of movement and not think it’s a crime to sweat. More schools are incorporating Dance and Creative Movement into their curriculums as they find that it really helps to supplement and reinforce learning in a fun and memorable way. They learn these skills in addition to traditional dance vocabulary and movements.

Try dance for your child. It is a wise investment not a cost into your child’s future. They will also have a blast in the process. Also get a free report on helping your child stay healthy at http://healthykidsweightloss.com.

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