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Preventing Childhood Obesity By Becoming A Conscious Shopper

Being a smart and savvy shopper when it comes to grocery shopping will carry you a long way in preventing childhood obesity. I know it seems so obvious, but when life is coming at you from 73 different directions and your head is spinning to try and keep up, planning and eating nutritous meals can fall by the way side. It is so easy and tempting to take the fast food route. With the rising costs of food today sometimes fast food isn’t even the culprit, it’s our neighborhood grocery store that can sometimes knock us for a loop.

I went to the grocery store today to get tuna fish. I was amazed that the cost of a 5 ounce can of Bumble Bee tuna was $1.89 at the local Stop and Shop. I was like WHAATTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!This is unbelievable!!!!!!!! I thought. I told my husband and he was like “Man!!!!! You can buy a whole real fish for that much!” Yeah I agreed, but this also got me to thinking.

I feel this is actually a blessing in disguise because now because of the high cost of food we have to be more conscious and aware of our eating habits and what we spend our money on. So I strolled right by the candy aisle, no Snickers and Reese’s for me and my family, not when I can buy a whole 5 lb bag of potatoes.  We are also drinking more water with our meals as opposed to juices and iced tea, a favorite in our house. So this is something that can work in our favor and we can work it to our benefit.

How can we make this work in our favor? Really start to be more savvy when it comes to grocery shopping. Clipping coupons is a must, as well as creating a shopping list before you go. Check the sales circular online to compare stores with the best prices before you head out. Plan your menu around meals that last more than one day. Turkeys are not just for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The great thing about large meats like turkey is you can prepare it many different ways and not have the same thing. It also makes great sandwiches, salads, soups and casseroles that go a long way and can stretch a budget. Things like lasagna, baked ziti and all types of casseroles will last you much longer and will also save you time in the kitchen.

Beans are an excellent staple and is very versatile also. When mixed with rice, beans make a complete protein. The great thing about beans is that you can cook a whole pot of them and it will last you a while. You can use them in soup and chili, soups and other receipes. Another great menu stretcher are leafy greens, kale, mustards, collards and spinach can be cooked by the pot full.

So start to think of how you can stretch your shopping dollars before you make out your grocery list. Shopping in bulk can also be very helpful. Be open to  meals from other cultures and countries that will help you stretch your budget. If you run out of or don’t have any ideas you can always google receipes on the internet. There are also resources online for coupons you can utilize.

I would love to hear how you stretch your budget and what types of ideas you come up with to serve healthy and nutritous meals. Please feel free to leave a comment  about how you do this.

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