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Preventing Childhood Obesity By Getting Your Child Moving and Learning

Who says the only way students can learn is by sitting at a desk all day. Why can’t learning involve both the body and mind and be fun. As a matter of fact why can’t it build self confidence and produce good feelings in our kids. Well I believe that we can have both by adding a little twist to an old game.


Remember the game “Dodge Ball” ? That was a fun game for me growing up although it could be a little rough.  For those of you who are not familiar with the game,  you have a ball with players in the middle and two people on either end of the people in the middle, trying to hit those people in the middle with the ball. What kind of game is that you may ask why would someone want to be hit by a ball can’t you get hurt doing that.

When you’re kids you do all kinds of crazy things that make no sense and sometimes can be a little risky. You would never dream in a million years of doing these things as an adult but as a kids it was big fun.

What makes this game fun and exciting is making sure you do not get hit by the ball. Because although yes it could hurt, you really want to prove to others that you were cool and as M.C Hammer would say “You can’t touch this.” It was a game and you wanted to win.

The great thing about this game is that you are constantly moving and running and doing it fast. It requires fast reflexes and being on your toes. You have to be aware and anticipate where the person might throw the ball. The possible pain you could possibly experience by being hit by the ball inspired you to move quickly and be aware. And when we played when I was young those people were ruthless and took great pleasure in throwing the ball as hard as they could to really jack you up!! Of course there were no adults around to supervise only neighborhood kids.

Since, in this case you as the adult will be supervising you can monitor the game to make sure it doesn’t get vicious or violent. One of the ways that you can insure that no one gets hurt is to use really big balls that the children will have to roll instead of throw. Those big exercise balls are really good for this. Create a big circle with half of the kids on the inside of the circle and the rest making up the outside of the circle. Having a circle makes it more exciting because the ball can come from anywhere.

Usually when some one is hit with the ball they are out. Which the children hate, because no one wants to be out. This makes the child feel bad and feel like a loser, not good and we certainly don’t want that. We’re about empowering our children and making them feel great about themselves and competent. So instead when someone is hit by the ball they will have an opportunity to stay in the game by answering a question on the lesson that you just taught. If they get the right answer they stay if they get the wrong answer they will be out.

Since kids naturally want to win this will inspire and encourage them to study. This is a good way to prepare for a tests. Because I am a dance consultant and teacher I use Ballet, where they have to not only tell me the Ballet term but also show me how it’s done. But you can substitute your own topic. You can also ask the same question to different students because most of the time they are not always paying attention. So give it a try and get your kids learning and burning(calories that is).

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