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Preventing Childhood By Making Movement Fun and Using Your Imagination

Using your imagination while getting your child to move makes the experience so much more enjoyable and fun. It is a lot easier than you think. Follow your child’s lead by asking them what they would like to do or in my case just listen to what they are talking about or doing already.

Part of my consultating commitments involve teaching and implementing the curriculums I develop. Today when I walked into the class, which happened to be an all girl class, they were talking about being Rapunzel. One of the things I love about my work is that there are no boundaries when it comes to using our imagination. The next great thing is that I can implement the ideas immediately. I can’t remember a time when inspiration did not work and this time was no exception.

I have  a bag filled with balls and material. We call the material “the magic material” because it does magical things. It can make us disappear, become a magic carpet, be a piece of laundry, a super hero cape, all sorts of things. So when the girls were talking about being Rapunzel, I had this great idea of how they could be Rapunzel then.

This bag has all different types of textures and sizes of material. There are some with Teddy Bears, Rocket Ships, and an iridescent purple color. This variety helps out a lot as I teach both boys and girls  often in the same class.  Well  we tied a bunch of them on their heads, first by covering their entire heads like you would a scarf, then tying really long material to it. They then had long hair down to the floor like Rapunzel.

I turned on the music and we danced to several songs with our long hair. Then we ran with it blowing in the wind behind us. We shook our heads from side to side and in many different directions just to see what the pretend hair would do. We had a blast! There was so much giggling and laughing, we probably had an amazing workout just from laughing alone.

Here are some things that you can do:

1. Make shapes and letters with the material. Ask the child what would that look like?

2. Use the material as a lasso to rope in cattle. Then milk the cow, making sure to squat and pretend pull while alternating hands to develop a rythm that they have to remember. You can also add counting to this exercise depending on the age.

3. Ask the class as a group to make something and let you guess what it is. The group can be one big group, small groups, trios or pairs. Whatever it is they create see how you can imcorporate movement into it. For example you can join a bunch of the materials and make it into a jump rope, or snakes  where the kids have to run and wiggle the material to pretend they are running from the snake.

4. Kids also need rest time as they are intermittent movers, so they can use the material as a cover and pretend to take a nap.

5. Incoporate both resting and movemenet by pretending you are the mommy putting your kids to bed on the night of a dinner party in your home. They lay on the floor and put the material over them as covers. You leave that area and close the door. You then turn on the music at which time the kids jump up and dance. Give them a few minutes to have a really good time and choose music they love. You then shut the music off at which time they scurry to lie back down and pretend to be asleep. My students love this game even my school aged children.

As you can see imagination, movement, music and fun go really well together and can burn a lot of calories. The great thing is that children don’t feel that it’s exercise and love games. They have a lot of fun and don’t feel like they are working out. Making it an easy way to prevent obesity and keep your child healthy.

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