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Doing Everything We Can To Prevent Another Colorado Tragedy

My heart felt prayers and condolences go out to all of the families and people that are affected by this tragedy. May God bless them with comfort, peace, and the strength to get through this situation. May we all come together to provide compassion, support and prayer and seek understanding so that we can do everything we can to prevent these types of occurrences in the future.


I sat glued to the television soaking up every morsel of information that I could to make sense of the Tragedy in Colorado. I was looking for clues and insights that I could use in working with my students, that will prevent something like this from happening in their lives. I realize that when I do this that I am not just preventing something  like this from occurring in their lives but my life too. I feel that it is not just the people of Colorado’s problem but a problem that affects us all.

I look and seek not to blame anyone or anything, but to understand and offer support. When tragedies like this happen I feel it is an opportunity to expand our awareness and consider some things. I do not have all of the facts but  so I cannot jump to any conclusions. But from what I do know in my 20 plus years of working with children is that there was something happening in James Holmes that could have possibly been brewing for quite some time. And because that something did not look a certain way of fit a certain profile we dismissed it as nothing to be concerned about.

To me that something was not having a balance within himself on all of the different levels that we all exist on. There is the mental and intellectual levels of students that we seek to develop, but in addition to that we must also seek to develop the social, emotional and spiritual levels of our children also. Addressing the entire child from birth into and throughout adulthood is what is necessary to prevent another tragedy. From what I’ve learned so far about James Holmes it seemed to me that he had superior intellectual abilities but as far as social and emotional capabilities he needed more help.


As I mentioned before I am not looking to point the finger at anyone. What I am saying is that we should notice the patterns and make sure that we catch them before they develop into something that will be harmful in the future. I feel as a society we are trying 0ur best. We have identified bullying as being a problem and are taking measures to eliminate that. We require that before teens graduate from high school that they participate in so many hours of community service. I understand the need for this and I feel it is to develop compassion and understanding as well as respect for others.

In my opinion I feel that there is a disconnect of making sure that the development on multiple levels , physical, mental and cognitive, social and emotional to name a few, that we work so hard to develop in Early Childhood Education are not sustained and maintained throughout all of our children’s educational endeavors. If we are to prepare our children for a successful, fulfilling and meaningful future then it will take preparing them on all of these different levels from start to finish.


Yes we want our children to be smart. In addition we not only want them to be smart intellectually but also emotionally and socially and in all of the ways that they can be smart in . We should realize and acknowledge that children are smart in many different ways and celebrate and value all of those different ways. And just like we evaluate and identify weaknesses with test academically we should also do this in these other areas of development.

These assessments or evaluations or test whatever you want to call them should not be to label anyone or make people feel bad or good. They should only be used to see where a person is and to assist and support them in any areas that they need help in. It should be used to sort of take a snapshot and say this is where person A is, is that sufficient or not and if not what do we need to do about it.


This is the reason that I teach more than just dance and creative movement to my students. I am thinking about and am concerned with their future. It my goal and objective to give them the skills and experiences to develop into the best person that they can possibly be. Comparing them to no one but themselves and looking at where they started and how much they have developed, improved or acquired. I want to make sure that I make my contribution by making it easy for them to be successful in the future and present. I want them to have fun, learn , bond and grow on all levels not just physically and mentally. I want them to develop self esteem, confidence and to feel that ” they can do it”. That not achieving a certain result is not bad or their enemy but instead is just feedback and that they have the power to make the necessary changes if they choose to, to have and achieve the result they want.

It is my intention and prayer that by doing this I will help to produce happy, confident, smart and productive children that grow into happy, confident, smart and productive adults. That know and understand that health and well being take place on many levels, not just in one area alone.  I realize that if we all as a society do our part in helping ourselves and others we will at least know that we did everything that we could to prevent another “Tragedy In Colorado”.

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