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Prevent Childhood Obesity By Teaching Your Child Stress Mangagement

In today’s world everyone is stressed even children.  We as adults never think about children being stressed but they are stressed nonetheless. Unfortunately they don’t have a lot of ways of dealing with the stress that they are feeling.  When physical education was a requirement in the school system at least children had exercise to reduce stress.

When after school programs that encouraged children to run and play after school were still in existence and not gone the way of the dinosaurs, children had an aditional  way to reduce stress.

Physical fitness is an excellent way to reduce stress for adults and children.  One of the ways that you can help your child reduce stress is to get them involved in a physical activity on a consistent basis. Enrolling in dance classes for both boys and girls, football, soccer, basketball etc are excellent ways to get in exercise on a regular basis.

Participating in activities like dance, team sports and other actiivities that involve physical activity and team work help in other ways in adddition to reducing stress. Teamwork develops cooperation, and learning to do what is best for the entire team. They can still shine individually but it’s about the team as a whole. This also gives children a sense of belonging and acceptance, important elements in building self esteem and self acceptance.

Writing down their thoughts and feelings in a journal can help them deal with the stress of  performing well in school, the stress and uncertainty that they are feeling around them in the world as well as dealing with other emotions that are difficult to deal with.

Although most parents encourage their children to talk to them, sometimes that’s not an option for children, especially teens. Having a journal is one way of dealing with the stresses and pressures of daily life. It is even a good idea for adults to write down their feelings.

Writing is a way to discover what’s inside and how they are feeling emotionally. Sometimes people don’t even know how to articulate how they feel verbally, journaling is another option. It is a way of dealing with the emotions a person has instead of  using food to deal with them.

As you can see journaling and physcial activity specifically dance, team sports and other similiar activities can prevent childhood obesity before it starts by preventing emotional eating that is sometimes used to comfort and numb the pain of difficult emotions. 

Learn more healthy tips by on raising healthy kids by utiilizing the internet and resources at your local library or school.

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