Empowering your child is a great tool to help in preventing childhood obesity. Children use food as comfort too, not just adults. Many people think of this as just a problem that adults have and never link it to children at all. You  can help prevent childhood obesity that may be caused by stress eating by helping children to feel good about themselves.

Helping children to feel good about themselves can be achieved in the following ways: teaching them something where they will gain independence and helping them to develop new skills. Children develop self esteem by what they can do not by what they know. So it is good to provide your child with a variety of hands on activities to accomplish this. 

A perfect example of this is when I teach my 3 and 4 year olds how to operate a boom box. Most teachers cringe at the sight of their students operating electrical equipment without them. Once it is plugged in and shown to the student how it works it then becomes a funfilled and safe learning experience. 

This is exactly what occured after showing Carmine how to get to the number 9 selection on a cd we were dancing to. He initially wanted to put the cd into the player . This would have caused a problem for him because of his small hands. With five year old hands it would have been very difficult to place the cd in the player without smudging it or possibly scratching it.

Instead I put it in the slot and explained that he would get us to the track that we wanted. I explained that he would be pressing several buttons. I then showed him where these buttons were and allowed him to press them. This experience also reinforced an earlier lesson in which we learned about the number 9.

During this lesson with the boom box I also showed him the on/off switch, play and pause buttons and the fast forward button. I wished you could have seen his face , he was so proud as he beamed with pride. He was so excited when he pressed the play button and the song he was looking for began to play.

The following week (I teach at his school once a week), he remembered the number of the track for the song as well as how to operate the boom box. From this incident his confidence and self esteem soared because he experienced for himself what he could do by himself. He didnot need food to feel good. He had a healthy experience in which he accomplished a goal that provided good feelings for him.

As you can see from this example there are simple things that you can do in addition to exercise and eating healthy to prevent childhood obesity. Get more great ideas and a free report on raising healthy kids at http://www.healthykidsweightloss.com