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Positive Discipline Is…

Positive discipline is providing respect, kindness and firmness as you teach children to be responsible, independent and cooperative children. Having this foundation they grow up to be happy, confident and contributing adults to society. You set and provide limits and guidelines for children and also the consequences of not following these guidelines.

Children love schedules and guidelines and boundaries. They may show it in a different way because they are still children and want to have their way and also test the limits. But in actuality they feel safer when they have these guidelines and boundaries. These guidelines and boundaries usually come in the form of rules.

When the rules are clear and simple and not too many of them, they provide structure and help children to be able to predict and know what’s happening in their world. Not having this knowledge and comfort brings out the worst in them and we sometimes call that “bad” or “misbehaving”. When in actuality it is only a response to not having structure and guidance.

So be sure to provide plenty of positive discipline for your child. It will make both your life and theirs easier. Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Thanks

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