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Play With Your Child At The Park

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The park is a great place to play year round in any season. I’m in the Northeast and many people in this area think of the park as a thing to do in the Summer or in warm weather. But playing outdoors is great all times of the year. When I was coming up we played outside year round and rarely ever came indoors.

Only when it was frigid outside did we bother to come inside. Our fingers were numb and blue and we looked like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, which was some feat as I am caramel in color. We would come in and drink hot chocolate to warm up.

In the winter, the snow was so beautiful because no one would be in the park. We would slide on garbage can lids (sorry no sleds) and have snowball fights. Sometimes we would get crazy and play football in the snow. Not for long though, I was never good at catching a ball in the cold or snow. I don’t know how the pros do it, but I guess that’s why they are pros.

If you’re not the outdoors type, just take your child for 10 to 15 minutes. Explain this to your child ahead of time so there isn’t a war when it’s time to go. There still might beĀ  but at least they were warned. To pass the time and notice it, play with them. Push them on the swing, let them slide down the slide. Stand near by to spot them on the monkey bars to prevent serious injury.

So that they don’t notice the time move them from toy to toy. Spending a little bit of time on everything will help them to feel that they did a lot and will get you less resistance when it’s time to go. What you’ll probably find is that you will have so much fun that a half hour or 45 minutes will go by before you know it.

In really cold weather make sure you and your child are both dressed warmly and with the proper attire for the weather. In the snow you can make snow angels and watch you breath. Taking deep breaths will also invigorate you and your child.

So remember the park isn’t only for the Summer, it’s year round. So take your child to the park, run, jump, skip and play catch. Have a blast! What do you think of this idea? What are your thoughts; please leave them in a comment below. Also ask your child what they think of the idea. They’ll probably love it. If not at least you tried to give them exposure to a good experience.

Share this post with your family, friends and preschools and nanny’s even a walk around the block helps. Have a great day! :-)

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  1. I was so much better about getting outside in winter when my daughter was young. This reminded me of a very cold night that we had an adventure: There was supposed to be a meteor shower, so we set alarms to get to the school parking lot at the right time for the best view, packed up blankets and hot chocolate, and took off. We had a little convertable, so we put the top down and stared to the sky. I don’t think we saw a thing, but it sure was fun.
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    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      I love that adventure Debbie!!! Chasing a meteor shower sounds like loads of fun. I’m sure your daughter will remember that forever. Great memories are made from stuff like that. Keep up the good work and have fun getting out more with your daughter. :-)

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