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Something To Make You Chuckle: A Funny Dad

I am so happy and blessed to still have my father. He overcame with the help of God, Leukemia and is doing well today. I love talking to him because every time we get on the phone we always end up laughing so hard at the things he says. He doesn’t try to be funny. It’s just the way he says things and the tone of his voice that just tickles me to no end. I think the thing that makes me laugh is that he says things that I’m not expecting him to say.

So we’re talking and he tells me how he and my mom used to donate to a certain organization. When he was diagnosed with Leukemia my mom got on the phone with this organization to ask for help, since they had contributed to them for many years. They told my mom that my dad didn’t have the right type of disease and they were unable to help them. What! I said to my dad you’ve got to be kidding really dad. Yep, he says that’s what they told us. So I say to him I guess you don’t contribute to that organization any more. “HECK! NO!, DON’T MAKE ME SAY BAD WORDS!!!!” in other words don’t get him to cussing.

He said that and I started cracking up. “Bad words Daddy “, I say  cracking up. You don’t expect your parents to say something like that. After all they are all fully grown so if they want to say a bad word or have a potty mouth they can very well do it. It’s funny to me because I expect something like that to be said by my preschoolers not by my dad. It was wonderful to have a great laugh with him.

I hope this gave  you a little chuckle. Have your parents ever said funny things that  make you laugh but aren’t necessarily meant to be funny. Please share them with us in a comment below. Have an amazing day! :-)

Are Your Hands Really Clean

We all know that being germ free is one of the keys to having a healthy life. Have you ever looked at if you are really doing a thorough job of cleaning your hands. It is so important to do a really good job and allowing the proper amount of time and getting all of the areas where germs can possibly live.

One of my readers, Kristin S of http://www.pinterestventure.blogpost.com, commented on a post I had written on teaching kids to get into the habit of washing their hands often and thoroughly to avoid germs.  You can read about it here:http://www.pitterpatterfeet.com/childrens-health-start-healthy-habits-early/.

Kristin remembered doing an experiment in college where she and her classmates rubbed simulated germs on their hands and washed them off really well. They then looked at what was left under a black light. She found that there was a ton of germs left up by her wrists and in the fingernail beds.

I was really surprised. I had heard about making sure you clean under and around your nails but had never heard about the wrist area. That was such a new and interesting fact that I decided to write about it. I felt that there were probably a lot more people like me that had never heard of that.

Toni Nelson of http://www.toninelsonmeansbusiness.com mentioned that she had read some studies that were done that showed the amount of germs on door handles. This was something I was familiar with, which is why after you dry your hands with the paper towel you are to use that paper towel to open the door to leave the bathroom.

Speaking of bathrooms Dinaa Dove of http://www.dinadove.com shared that she had heard that toilet seats themselves were some of the most germ free environments. Can you imagine that? When I thought about it again it makes sense. This is because most germs are transmitted through the hands and people’s legs are sitting on the toilet. So I could see how that could be.

Bottom line make sure that you and your children get in the habit of washing the entire hand, fingernail beds and wrists. Also remember to wash for enough time, 2 verses of Happy Birthday should do the trick or if you have preschoolers whatever song they learn in school.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this. Please share this with family and friends and please leave a comment below on your experiences with germs and avoiding them and cleaning. Have a great day!!! :-)

Do You And Your Family Value Fitness

When asked the question do you and your family value fitness, most people would say, “Yes .” or ” Of course.” But is that really true? If someone were to follow you around for a day how much physical activity would they see going on in your life. What I find is that people really value fitness and think that it’s important but have a difficult time really following through on this particular value. Another situation I found is that  parents make sure that their children are in some form of physical activity but not themselves.

Parents feel that after they take their children to soccer practice, dance lessons, gymnastics, track, Pop- Warner Football and all the rest, there is no time left for them. At the end of the day they are pooped and just want to sit down and watch their favorite television program and then go to bed. Other factors, like trying to make ends meet sometimes require people to have more than one job, which is definitely understandable. Many of the parents I talk to are in a catch 22 situation because their time is limited they have a tendency to eat more processed foods , fast food and junk foods. They watch in dismay as their waistlines balloons and the pounds creep on.

Listed below are some ways that you can align with your value of valuing fitness and taking action on this value. Taking small consistent steps to attain your desires and be in alignment with your values will help you to feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself you feel good overall and this effects your perspective and outlook on life.

  1. Make time for your fitness. Look at your schedule and see where you can fit it in realistically. For me I find the very best time is first thing in the morning . I’ve tried many other times, evening, at night , midday but the best time always comes back to being when I first get up. You may be different so find what works for you.
  2. You want to build consistency and create the habit first. Once you find that you’re in the habit, you will naturally  add more time on to your time automatically.
  3. Start small, success begets more success. The more success you experience and create the more success will happen. If you do even five minutes of exercise within the first hour of waking up that will make a difference. I recommend doing heart raising movements that require you to take in more oxygen than you would normally. Trying it five to ten minutes a day will go a long way and help get you in the fitness habit.
  4. Psyche yourself up. Tell yourself: ” You got this”. You can do it . You’ve got the juice and you have what it takes. You have swagger and are the kind of person that walks their walk and talk their talk. You honor and love yourself.
  5. Have a singular focus on just that one goal, to get up and move your body for 5-10 minutes. Success is more likely when you combine it with something that you are doing already. For example if you want to get your praise and worship on and your exercise put on gospel music. You can also sing your own praises making up your own songs. I find music helps inspire me to move so put your favorite music on.

Have fun. Be creative. Start now. You don’t have to wait until the morning to start your fitness routine . Immediately after reading this you can walk around your dinning room table for 5 minutes. Walk around the house and say inspiring things to yourself. Hit the floor and do some pushups if you can. It’s up to you and you can do it!

Please share this post with family and friends on social media or through word of mouth. Please also comment below on what you do to get or stay fit. We’d love to hear from you and value your feedback. Have a great day! :-)


Children’s Health: Start Healthy Habits Early

Starting healthy habits early will help to cut down on the amount of illnesses a child may encounter. Besides eating a healthy diet from every food group, getting proper rest and hydration and getting plenty of exercise, there is one other thing that you can start doing to keep your child healthy. Teaching your child when to wash their hands is a very important aspect to keeping them healthy.

Many people under estimate the power and effectiveness of hand washing. They don’t take into consideration that germs are not seen, they are hidden and just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there. Since most germs are spread through touching, which involves the hands, keeping the hands clean goes a long way in helping children to stay healthy. Listed below are times when a both adults or children should wash their hands.

  • After tioleting
  • After playing outside
  • Before or after eating, handling food or feeding a child. This includes babies, even if they are only taking a bottle. You want to wash their hands and explain to them,” We are washing our hands now before we eat.” and ” Now that we’ve finished we are washing our hands after eating.  You want to start now so that when they are older the pattern will be already established.
  • Before and after giving medicine.
  • After removing gloves.
  • After playing in water used by more than one person
  • At the end of the day.

I hope you’ve realized the importance of washing your hands and your children’s hands as well how if effects the quality of our health. It is a simple step that we can do that will provide a lot of benefit. So start now and here’s to a healthier you. Please share this information with your family and friends both on and off social media and online.

Children’s Self Esteem Is Built By What They Can Do

Adults feel great about themselves by what they know. Children feel great about themselves by what they are able to do, and boy do they love to do. In my dance class today we worked with balls with my mobile infants. I think they are around 9 -12 months. Out of a class of about 6 only two of them are walking so our activities are confined to the floor. Mobile also includes crawling and scooting around. No worries though there are plenty activities that we can do on the floor.

Last week we had a combined class of mobile and non mobile infants. I was ecstatic because that meant the class was twice as long and we could do more things. So that’s when I thought about the balls. Children of all ages love balls. Balls and bubbles are two things that children love. I was trying to think of an activity to do with them involving a ball when I spotted a short little tunnel. I said to myself this would be a great time to teach them about “inside”.

So I grab the short tunnel and put it in the middle of the room. I took a ball and said “I’m putting the ball inside.” Then I  gave the ball to a student and asked them to put the ball inside. This little cutie pie didn’t miss a beat she put the ball inside the tunnel. YYYYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! I scream excitedly. Thank goodness we had  three balls, so the children could have a turn quickly and not have to wait.

Some children get really frustrated when Read more »