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One of the Best Things You Can Do

One of the best things you can do for anyone is to encourage them. Cheering is not just for games and sports but for life too. Encouraging and cheering someone on not only makes them feel great but you too. It is a wonderful gift that doesn’t cost a thing. You don’t have to go shopping for it or order it online or look in a catalog, it’s free.

As teachers and parents it is especially important to encourage and be a cheerleader for your children. It goes such a long way to build esteem and confidence. Two essential qualities we want our children to have in becoming happy and productive people. When your children feel that they can do something they will take the initiative and explore more often. This helps them to grow emotional and become less dependent upon you. Take every opportunity to encourage and praise the behavior that you want. It will go along way and make your life a lot easier.

Adults love encouragement too, we are never too old to be encourage especially when are exploring new territory.
Sometimes though we have to encourage ourselves. Make sure you do this for yourself too not just others. It keeps your spirits up and helps you get through your day a lot easier. Try it and let me know what happens. Remember it can be big or small just remember to do it.

Peace and Laughter,

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