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Nurturing Your Child’s Natural Gifts and Talents and Finances

Many people do not think about financial health and well being when they think about their children’s natural gifts and talents being developed. Actually it is crucial to their future success and well being that they have an understanding of money and finances and how they work. Teaching them about the possible dilemmas they may find themselves in if they are not careful and mindful with how they use their money will help your child immensely. It also helps to make it relevant for them and easily understandable.

You can start as early as preschool age to begin to educate your child and have them become familiar with money and how it works. You first want to have them identify the  different denominations of money both coins and bills. They may think this is so interesting because we have become such a card using society that children might think it’s these cards that have the money. It’s important for them to learn that especially with debit cards there has to be money in your account first. With credit cards they need to use them wisely and not just because they can. They need to understand what a bill is and that it needs to be paid every month.


Using cash is a good thing because it puts a limit on what you actually can spend and makes you more conscious of what you are spending. You also want to use cash because you can then begin to educate you child on how to use these denominations of money.  They need to know what certain amounts can and cannot buy. You want them to become conscious of the price of groceries, gas. clothes, books and toys and other items.


You want to explain more to your child than “get a job” so you can get money. Go a little further and explain that money is exchanged when you create or give value to someone. It can be a product or service and familiarize them with the difference. It should definitely be noted that when you provide a service you will limit the amount of money that you can receive depending on the service unless you hire other people.

Expose your children to the fact that people receive money for things that they create or make once and they continue to get paid for it and that this is a good idea. There is such a thing as passive income, where they are not working directly for it like money from investments, compound interest, real estate or a business. Earned income like a job, where they perform a specific service and get paid for it.


To me this is one of the most important aspects of money. You want them to learn that a part of all that they receive is theirs to keep. They should have 2 types of savings accounts one is a financial freedom account. Explain that they want to help this money to grow so that one day it will take care of them. Granted that at today’s interest rates that could take their entire lifetime. But you are want them to understand that they are going to accumulate money to the point that when they are Mommy and Daddy’s age they will have a nice sum of money that they will be able to invest and make more money from.

The second savings is for anything that they want to buy that they need to save up for because they can’t buy it right now. This teaches them patience and discipline and to not use credit cards. This also helps them to enjoy their money.

The last two things are tithing and enjoying their money now, also known as spending. Some people lump tithing in with charitable giving but I separate them. I believe that tithing insures greater financial blessings, and for sure we want our children to be blessed financially. And most importantly they want to learn to have fun and enjoy the money they receive.


Using their natural gifts and talents is an excellent way to generate income.  By using their money wisely and with care. They will insure that they are able to do what they love and express their natural gifts and talents with ease. First by having the resources to express those gifts and talents and develop them further and second by continuing to have resources while also expressing their gifts and talents.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments and what you think and also what worked for you. Please feel free to comment. Also on the health side of things get a free download of a report on healthy eating at http://www.healthykidsweightloss.com

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