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Mommies Don’t Be So Hard On Yourselves

As a mother, wife and entrepreneur, I know how it can get really hectic and you feel like you need to be an octopus and a clone all in one. Some times things do fall through the cracks and sometimes you forget your dinner is on the stove and it burns.

Even though we are moms we are not super human and sometimes we trip up and mess up, but even though we do we are still good people. We have great intentions and want to do the best for our family, our community, our kids school and PTSO and our church, unfortunately we can’t do them all at the same that we do the laundry, run errands, run a business, work at a job, car pool, help with homework, watch the neighbor’s son while she runs to the nursing home to care for and visit her mom. I do know that that was a run on sentence and that is precisely the point.

Our lives don’t seem to have periods just commas, that seem to keep going and going and going and going. We can’t even seem to come up  for a breath with out someone saying Mommy, Baby, Honey, D’TaRelle, where are my ______. You get the picture right.

So I, D’TaRelle F. Tullis am here to tell you give yourself a break, lighten up, and breathe. Buy yourself some flowers are something that smells nice. Buy the way Bath and Bodyworks in Jersey Garden Mall is having their semi-annual sale where you can get some really great smelling bath products for as low as $4. Check your area to see if this is happening there too. And if you are conserving your finances at the moment look in your bathroom  or medicine cabinet or dresser where you keep your perfume and just take a whiff.

Tell yourself, Girl you got it going on. You are the best! You are hot! Then you have to walk or rather sashay around like you are the queen of existence because you are. My whole point is to stop and take a break and do something just for you. Don’t make it a major project or something you have to plan, get a baby sitter or make into a major production. Just something simple like flip thorough a magazine or have a cup of your favorite tea or do both. Even if you just closed your eyes and breathed that would be phenomenal!!! So go ahead and come back here and let me know how it turned out.

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