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Making Time For Mommy Tip

If you are a busy mom with children, pets, and a husband, you may feel that it is impossible to have time to yourself. You’ve even tried going to the bathroom just to get a few moments to breathe and think, but to no avail. You hear that famous word that makes you want to change your name. You know that word “MOMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!!”, or those other group of words ” Baby where is my….?” or “Honey did you see my …….?” You know exactly what I am talking about.

So although you heard that you should use some form of relaxation or stress release method, or better yet you KNOW you should be using one to keep your sanity , it seems highly unlikely that it can happen in your house. Don’t loose hope just try this technique.


When you wake up in the morning don’t immediately jump out of bed. Take a few deep breaths and keep your eyes closed pretending to still be asleep. Lie very still and plan the wonderful and glorious day that you intend to have. You can also pray, ask for guidance or help. You can also express gratitude for the new day and all of the many things you are grateful for.

You can also use this tactic by going to bed a little earlier so that you can have peace and clear you mind for a good night sleep. Imagine all of your worries and concerns draining off your body, going down into the bed, down to the floor or floors and into the ground, leaving your body relaxed and ready for sleep. You can go back over you day and change anything that didn’t go the way that you wanted and create it exactly the way you want it in your mind. The only rule is you cannot argue back and forth with someone. It has to be what you would have liked to happen.

For example, if someone was rude to you, and you looked at them in disbelief,  like what is the matter with you but you said nothing. Don’t go back over that  incident and think to yourself I should have told her blah blah bleep bleep. Instead imagine that person being pleasant and helpful instead because this is what you really want.

So the whole key is to either stay in bed longer or get into bed earlier so you can have time to yourself. I find that when I start my day by setting my intention to have a great day, be happy and also think about all the things that I intend to receive during that day like Love, Peace, Harmony, Cooperation etc., my day turns out so much better. The great thing about this technique is that it will even work if your kids or pets have climbed into bed with you.

Try it and let me know how it turns out. Please come back and leave a comment so I can hear about it. Also share this post on social media or with someone you think can use it. I would greatly appreciate it and have a great day! D’TaRelle :-)

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