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Making Time For Mommy Tip 4: Scheduling Time For You When Your Schedule Is Packed

You know that it is really important to make time for yourself. You really, really wish that you were able to do it, but your schedule is crazy and jammed packed as it is. With work, the kids’ schedules and your household responsibilities, you cannot see how you can even think about squeezing another thing in. Listed below are some suggestions that will help you find that time you need just for you.



What things are really important to you, hot baths, time to read, hanging out with friends, exercising. Make a list of all the things you would love to do, but just don’t feel that you have the time to do, include everything you love, or think you might love or like.


You want to have some idea of the time that you will need so you will know how to schedule your time. You want to consider all types of time frames from 5 minutes to a week long vacation. Everything is included, the only requirement is that it would make you feel wonderful to do it, or nurture you. You want to have the feeling of, okay now I’ve had my time, my batteries are recharged and I can jump back into my caregiver role.


Consider all of the factors that you need for this happen. Sometimes the problem is not time. Sometimes it’s a matter of being prepared with the items or information you need to have on hand. You can’t read a magazine if there are none in the house. You can’t try a Yoga class if you haven’t found one yet.


Remember you have everything you have to do on one calendar this calendar has both your work and social events plus your kids and family schedule. A good time to do this is probably in the evening or whenever you have time to think. It’s best if you’re at home so if you haven’t combined calendars yet you can check it.

Lay Down Ground Rules With Your Family

If you have tweens or teens they are notorious for springing things on you at the very, I mean right up to the second that it needs to be done. They expect you to drop everything and just drop them off here or bake brownies for their fund raiser or go to the store and get brownie mix. This is not true only for teens, if you have children period it seems that there’s always this last minute thing that has to be done or the earth will stop. So you have to explain to your family ahead of time that Mommy will be included in the schedule and the family will have to have a schedule that works for everyone. So no more last minute, because you can’t guarantee it will get done.

Get Support and Have Backup Plans

I love all of these devices that carry all of your books around for you. I have an Android phone with a Kindle app on it so I can access my books whenever I am waiting for my daughter. So if you’re a reader this is a great back up. My Ipod is also my best friend, you can listen to music, books on mp3, or watch movies.

Make friends with other Mommies and car pool, daddies too. In fact enlist the help of your husband, cousins, aunts, god parents etc.

Have different versions that accomplish the same thing, the main thing is to capture the essence of what it is you want. For example if I want to do ab work I have 6 minute abs, 8 minute and 10 minute ab routines on dvd.

Take advantage of breaks whenever you see them, don’t do laundry unless that’s going to make you feel better about not having it pile up on you.

Most importantly just pull out the calendar and write it in. Look at the entire week and try to fit at least one thing in. Some of the best times I’ve found are first thing in the morning or the last thing at night, but not too late. You can find the time if you would just take the time.

I am so happy you stopped by! If this post speaks to you please feel free to leave a comment below and share it with you family and friends. Have an amazing day! D’TaRelle :-)



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  1. Love the post. Whether you have children or not, these tips are invaluable. Number one really hit home for me. I’m always wishing for some “me time” and when I get it I don’t have a clue as to what to do. I am going to start keeping a list of the things I enjoy AND start making the time to get them in. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Writing it in the calendar….no problem. Keeping the appointment….no so easily done, but definitely necessary!

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