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Making Time For Mommy Tip 3: How To Schedule Time

One of the biggest obstacles we as mommies run into is how we schedule our time. We think about how long something should take and don’t consider interruptions or delays. When this happens we are up against it, pressed for time and stressed out of our minds. Because of the added amount of stress we are not able to tolerate too much change or when things don’t go our way. Impatience and frustration run rampant, having a party at our expense.

Additional obstacles come in the form of not allowing enough time for other people in our household to get ready and be ready to walk out of the door when we are. In the past this used to drive me crazy, I would finally get myself together, put out my daughter’s clothes, prepared lunches for everyone and ready to walk out the door and then  BAM! She would not want to wear what I put out for her the night before. At 3 years old she felt that she could do a better job of picking out her clothes than I could ever dream of.

This would lead to a show down at the Tullis residence with both my daughter and I having it out. She would be talking in her little voice with her hands on her hips and saying how she wanted to wear her Batman costume or she didn’t want to wear a dress and wanted pants instead, and then change her mind again. You mommies out there that have fashionistas know exactly what I mean.

So we as mommies have to think through our day and our schedules and consider what possible delays we might face be it uncooperative children or other family members, mechanical delays, traffic, spills or accidents. An easy way to do this is depending on the age of the child or factors in your household add a minimum of an additional 30 minutes to the time you have to be out of the door. So if you know that ideally you want to be out of the house and on your way at 8:30 aim to try and be ready by 8:00 and schedule everything around being ready to walk out the door by 8:00.

This doesn’t give you permission to lollly gag though. You are really shooting for that deadline. You are just giving yourself some extra time to allow for any mishaps, or anything that would cause delays. Only you will know the real deadline, no one else.

Making these adjustments will work wonders for you and your family. You will be a lot more at ease and a lot calmer. Your mood will improve because you are not so stressed out. Your family will notice the difference also. They will notice that you have not grown fangs in a while and seem so much calmer. This in turn will make them calmer, more cooperative and less stressed also.

I am so happy that you stopped by, thank you so much! If this speaks to you please leave a comment and feel free to  share it with your family and friends. D’TaRelle :-)






3 Responses to “Making Time For Mommy Tip 3: How To Schedule Time”

  1. Ah those wonderful days! My SON was the fashionista (although we didn’t call it that back then – and he still is! LOL). The way I worked that out was to put out 3 choices of outfits. That way, he got to feel like HE was making the decision. It worked wonderfully!

    And yes, building in extra time for everything is probably one of the most important stress relievers we can CHOOSE to do!
    Great blog- Thanks!

  2. D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

    I looooovvvvveeeee!!!!!! that idea Lianda! That is so cool! I love how it is empowers the child and solves the problem so quickly. It also circumvents any future problems because you are going to make sure those clothes are clean and ready to go. I am really about preventing problems before they start and this does that beautifully. Or to use your words wonderfully. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting and please do so again.:-)

  3. Timing is something that so many of us struggle with. I can so identify with what you are saying here and even though my daughter is a lot older, I still seem to spend a lot of time waiting for her

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