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Making Time For Mommy Tip #2

In “Making Time For Mommy Tip” I suggested staying in bed longer or getting into bed earlier. One other thing I wanted to mention is to tell you to make sure you set your alarm in the event you fall back asleep. What I liked about this tip is often when you have small children and pets somehow in the morning they are in your bed and not theirs. By keeping your eyes closed and praying, contemplating, planning and intending your day, it can be done whether others are in your bed or you’re alone.

This second tip has nothing to do with anyone else except you. Yes, it is all about you, and although every good mommy considers her family to be a top priority, she also has to realize that she cannot give what she doesn’t have. Just like after a certain amount of miles a gas tank needs to be filled, this also applies to her also. So if she wants to successfully keep her family as a top priority and be happy, fulfilled and content herself, she has to make time for herself.


Yes that’s right I said it, schedule time for you. Your daughter has a recital, it’s on the schedule. Your son has a basketball game or practice, it’s on the schedule. Your husband has to be driven to the airport, it’s on the schedule. Now you may argue back and say I do schedule things for myself, I get my nails done and my hair done, I go shopping.

Getting your nails and hair done are a part of grooming and care and you should take care of yourself. If you can afford to do it. it shouldn’t be optional. Shopping I know makes you feel good too, making yourself feel good is also caring for yourself. But those are things that are on the outside of you, what about the inside. Because when you are giving you are not giving from the outside, you’re giving from the inside. You are giving from your heart, from your soul. So this is why you have to schedule time daily to feed and nurture the inside of you.


What makes your heart sing, makes you smile and laugh and be filled with joy. How are you creative? Now, you do not always have to be doing something with you time. Just sitting with a magazine or enjoying a cup of tea or reading your favorite book. Things like just closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths or doing restorative exercises like Yoga and Tai Chi are things that feed the inside. But maybe you like to rock and roll and you need to kick butt because you are so nuturing and caring all of the time. The point I am trying to make is stay connected to what you need and what makes you tick, so that you can keep ticking and ticking and going and going and have something to give.

So sit down with your calendar, and by the way have one calendar with everyone’s schedule on it in the entire house so that things run smoothly and there are no surprises.¬† You will be prepared¬† when the unexpected comes up and be able to deal with it gracefully. Write everything down, everything because you are not going to be happy if you miss a practice or rehearsal or one of your children’s events or something important at work. Second realistically think about where you can schedule in time for just you and do it.

Please let me know how you make out and share this post with other mommies and caregivers that could use it. I used mommies but this is for anyone that cares for others regardless of gender or title. Have an amazing day! DTaRelle :-)



3 Responses to “Making Time For Mommy Tip #2”

  1. This is good advice. Between work and my toddler, there’s not a lot of me time. Thanks for the reminder to find some.

  2. This is great advice for all the moms who feel overworked and overwhelmed, forgetting to take time for themselves. It’s wonderful that you included caregivers, too, who all too often forget they need caregiving, too!

  3. When we forget to include ourselves in a “time out” or give ourselves rest time we drain our energy and have less to give. As a mom of a 26 year old I look back and realize the mistakes I made in not caring for myself well!

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