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Some Interesting Facts About Babies And Crying

I love learning as much as I do teaching. Today I learned some really interesting facts about babies one of the most important is, crying is natural for babies. It’s how they communicate and is the second thing they do after taking their first breath of air. When I experience a crying baby in my classes, the first thing I do is keep myself calm, I then begin to talk to them in a calm soothing voice and make eye contact with them. One technique I use that works quite well is distraction. Speaking in a calm soothing voice I tell them they are going to be okay and everything is going to be alright. I then take them over to my boom box and begin to explain the different parts of it to them.  I tell them that they are the teacher’s assistant for the day and are going to help me with their Music and Movement class.

They are usually so intrigued by this piece of equipment that all crying stops. Of course they reach out to touch it and explore as I am selecting the music for their class. One of the things I’ve learned from these experiences is that when I’m calm it’s easier for the baby to feel calm. I find this to be true even if I’ve never met the baby before and it’s my first time interacting with them. Sometimes I don’t have to go to the boom box just talking to them and holding them seems to work like magic. What I learned in this class was talking in that voice is a way to soothe a baby.

I learned that babies cry as a way to communicate their needs. Babies are always trying to tell us something so it’s up to us as caregivers to be sensitive and attentive to them. These needs are grouped into categories like biological, social-emotional and things that need immediate attention. Actually in all cases you need to give babies immediate attention, but there are ways of doing it that allow them to learn to calm themselves, comfort themselves and learn that their needs will get met and that they are heard and important.

Like resisting the urge to give babies a pacifier and realize that after you’ve checked for hunger, burping, diaper change or illness it could simply be that they are lonely, over stimulated or frustrated. These things fall in the social emotional category and are just as important as feeding, diapering, teething etc. One thing that helps us determine what’s wrong is listening to the types of cries. A baby has four types of cries: hunger, dirty diaper, anger and fear or pain. If you’ve taken care of all those things listed and they are still crying, listed  below are some other things you can do.

  1.  Talk in a soothing voice.
  2.  Sing a lullaby.
  3. Rub their back.
  4. Hug them close.
  5. Cuddle them.
  6. Swaddle them.
  7. Hold them while rocking in a chair.
  8. Give them a warm bath.
  9. Turn on some soothing music.
  10. Take them for a car or stroller ride.
  11. Lie them down on their back if they are sleepy, using some of the above techniques.

I’m sure you have some things that you use to soothe a crying baby and many things on this list you’ve probably done instinctively. I love having more options and learning more things that can help babies grow, develop and be happy. Some people think caring for infants and toddler doesn’t require skill when in fact it requires a lot of skill. How babies are treated in the first few years of their lives has a tremendous impact on the rest of their lives and who they will become.  It’s an awesome responsibility one I am proud to have.






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