Every parent always wants to do the best for their child. They want to ensure that there going to be a success. One of the ways that you can ensure success is by giving them a strong foundation. My Facebook friend and fellow blogger, Victoria Elam of http://www.vickielam.com ,were discussing four agreements that we live by. Since we feel that by living these agreements we will be more likely to have a fun, happy and successful life, we share them with our children.


As parents we need to remember that our children have minds of their own. We can provide all of the tools, give them countless opportunities and a ton of guidance but in the end it is up to them. Knowing this we can still stack the odds in  favor of success, by doing several things like maintaining our parental role, being consistent in setting guidelines, boundaries and being a great example. One other factor that I feel is really important is always praying for your children

If our children are constantly immersed in a positive and supportive environment, they are more likely to be positive adults. But positive doesn’t mean perfect. What I mean by positive means that the good out weighs the bad and positive interactions are more prevalent than non-positive. They get to see us not be perfect and not get it right every time and yet still live by our values and principles. In turn we get to also see that they are trying, learning and doing their best. This is especially true if you have teenagers, especially teen aged girls. You’re probably saying it’s true for them all because I have both or just boys.

The main point I want you to take away from this is that all we can do is our best and the same goes for our children. But if in addition to all of the other wonderful and loving things that we do for them we also include “The Four Agreements” we will increase their odds of success. Those four agreements are :

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally.

3. Don’t Make Assumptions.

4. Always Do Your Best.

The “Four Agreements along with the love, support and all of the other things you do as a parent will give your child a very strong foundation for success.  It takes a village to raise a child and 360 degrees to make a circle. Let’s fill that circle with wisdom and positive perspectives that help create amazing children. Please share your thoughts and ideas and let me know what you think.