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Did You Hug And Kiss Your Child Today?

I’m sure you know that it is so important to show and demonstrate your love to your children even after they are in their teens. When children are young we naturally give them lots of hugs and kisses but as they get older it seems like we don’t feel that they need that any more. Many times especially boys they even shun this and  any type of affection. But the bottom line is we all need to be touched, no matter the age or gender.

We get so busy with life that we just run out the door or run in the door and go straight to our rooms or favorite chair. We get so busy with checking the mail or the answering machine ( do people still have these, so many of my friends use their cell phones as their main phone). We don’t make or take the time to give our children or other family members a hello or goodbye kiss and hug.

But these two things are very important and show your love. It communicates to your loved ones that they mean the world to you and are priceless. It communicates you are important to me and I want to show you just how important.

Right after this post I am going to hug my teenage daughter. I know exactly what she is going to say “Oh Mommy!!!!!!” eyes rolling up in her head and sighing but that’s okay. No one is ever too old to receive hugs and kisses. My husband on the other hand will be like Yeah Baby let’s get it on!

When my grandmother was alive to keep her out of the hospital I started this ritual where before I would leave her after visiting with her I would give her 24 hugs and one for good luck. My grandmother really looked forward to those hugs. It wouldn’t matter where we were at her adult daycare, in the grocery store, at church wherever it didn’t matter when we parted I gave her those hugs.

There is nothing like a hug and a kiss to show someone you love them. There is a reason why sometimes kisses are referred to as sugar. Unlike real sugar this kind of sugar is really good for you. For all the parts of you, body, mind and soul. So give your child and your loved ones a hug and a kiss every day.

2 Responses to “Did You Hug And Kiss Your Child Today?”

  1. Don’t tell my 13 year old I told you this, but I get at least 2 hugs a day from him.. Not so much the kisses, but he doesn’t wipe the kisses off when I am looking!! I did give him hugs and kisses today! Our rule is 12 hugs a day for growth!! You have a great story about your Grandmother…

  2. D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

    LOL!!!!! I love it Holly!!! Of course I wont tell your 13 year old (hahahhaheehehee) I love the rule of 12 hugs a day for growth! It’s a true story I didn’t believe it would work at first but I didn’t have anything to lose and a grandmother to gain so I tried it.

    Is it really true that 12 hugs can make your kids grow. I could believe it because love makes anything grow and thrive.

    Thanks so much for stopping by Holly and do come again.

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