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Being Happy Is Great and Prevents Obesity

Believe it or not being happy is one of the easiest things that you can do to prevent obesity, this goes for both adults and children. Something to think about huh? Never thought about the correlation right, but stop now and think about it. Do you know what makes you happy? Let’s break that down because so many people are just barely getting by and surviving, that happiness seems like a luxury.

Happiness makes you feel good plain and simple. So let’s start there what makes you feel good. Let’s take out anything that deals with having to put it in your mouth unless it’s a musical instrument or something. Yes food does make a lot of us happy but sometimes we are not happy with the results. So let’s look at other things that make us feel good.

Like things that make us smile or say “Awwwwww”, or “Yeeeeeaaaaaaaa!!!!!”, “YES!!!!!”, ” Yippe”, “Yahoo” and all those kinds of words. Experiencing appreciation and gratitude makes us happy. Enjoying something like a good book, good friends or good company, music or a movie or television show or physical activity. It doesn’t have to be a vigorous activity or even strenuous, but it does have to be something we can be absorbed in, something that consumes us. Stop to think about what things create this in your life.

It’s important to identify the things that cause you to be grateful, appreciative, absorbed or actively engaged in. It’s important because on a daily basis we are being pulled in all sorts of directions almost on a moment to moment basis. This causes us to constantly react and not initiate what we want or do what want. So doing the things that bring us joy, make us happy, give us pleasure are all pushed to the back burner because we are so busy reacting. The thing is we are not even conscious of this. We are not conscious that we are merely reacting and putting out fires and responding to the request of others. The whole purpose of the writing is to make you more conscious of this.

Why do I want you to become conscious of this. Because when you are constantly reacting and not doing the things that bring you joy and give you peace and make you feel yummy inside, you turn to food to do that for you. Food becomes love and happiness and joy and is used to feel in the gap, the emptiness or to avoid feeling feelings that we don’t want to feel.

I want you to become more conscious and aware of your feelings and experinece more happiness and joy because when you don’t feel those things you will notice this and it will cause you to explore deeper and not use food to cover it up, but to do something about those feelings so you can quickly get back to joy.

The great thing is how doing this benefits you and your child and prevents obesity. Happy people are less stressed and stress is a contributing factor to obesity. Happy people tend to not use food as comfort, love, or to fill any emptiness that’s felt. So try it and see. Do this for your child too. Allow time for them just to be, or play or just relax and not have a billion things scheduled. Try it and let me know how it turns out. I’d love to hear from you.

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