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Fun Movement Activity That Helps Students Learn

I always think it’s such a fun idea for teachers and parents or anyone working with children to incorporate fun and movement into learning. Actually you don’t have to be a child to have fun with learning and incorporating movement into the learning process. The more senses you involve in learning the more effective the process is. The way the current educational system is set up is primarily for visual and auditory learners. The people that learn through their bodies and in a hands on way are not being as effectively served. But there is a way to motivate them to use their brains and bodies and also learn.


If possible move the desks and chairs to the side and create a lot of space in which to move. Tell the students that you are going to putĀ  on different types of music. They are to move their bodies at the same rate of speed and try to match the type of music with their bodily movements. It is sort of like the game “Freeze Dance ” where when the music stops the participants freeze. But in this case they can move any way that they like but they are also going to match the tempo of the music. Use a variety of music but makeĀ  sure you include Baroque Classical music which is especially good for learning and studying. Include world music, rock, rap, country, new age , or whatever you have even children’s music.


In the traditional “Freeze Dance ” game when the music stops and the person moves they would be out and have to sit down until there’s a winner. In this game if they move in any way in order to stay in the game that have to correctly answer a question by the teacher. If they do not they will have to study their notes or text to correctly answer the question in order to get them back in the game. It will be more fun and exciting for the kids if you include the music that is popular now for their age group. This will inspire them to want to play the game so that they can dance to it.

In this way they are all learning and moving and having a good time while learning. You can also use this concept in the “RED LIGHT-GREEN LIGHT GAME”where whoever answers the right answer gets to move on. You can use this concept for spelling, or multiplication tables or even if you don’t want to do it in that way. Taking a break while reviewing and just dancing to a couple of songs will certainly help also.

You will find that not is this method fun but creates a great environment for learning. The movement is getting more oxygen to the brain which will help the brain work better. Studies have shown this to be the case that brain is much more receptive learning after movement and exercise, this is both true for children and adults.

Try it with your children and let me know how it works out for you. I’d love your feedback and comments. In addition if you are interested in more information on healthy eating and tips for your child download a free report on this at http://healthykidsweightloss.com

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