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Fun Activity for Preschoolers- A Fun Way to Prevent Childhood Obesity

With the warm weather it’s so much fun and excitement to do movement activities outside. It is recommended that children get 120 minutes of moderate to rigorous physical activity each day. This will do a lot in helping to prevent obesity in children and help them in learning to have a healthy lifestyle. One activity that children love are bubbles!!!!Children are so excited at the thought of bubbles.

In my classes at Pitter Patter Feet I use bubbles to teach the children about spatial awareness and how it is so important to have your own personal space when moving. Every one should have their own personal space. They become aware of empty space and space that is filled or has something in it. As adults we take this for granted and are basically aware of personal space and try to respect it.  But children need to be aware of this and need to be taught this valuable lesson. They also learn about soft and gentle and hard and fast. Blowing bubbles takes self control.

I’ve found that the best bubbles are the big long wands that they sell at Wal-Mart for a dollar. I love these for several reasons. One because it’s so big you can blow a lot of bubbles at one time for a group of kids. To encourage confidence and mastery I have each child come up and individually blow and pop their own bubbles. They learn that in order to get the bubbles to come out they have to blow gently and slowly. This takes a lot of self control for a preschooler.

To get them moving I move around instead of just staying in one place. Another teacher was telling me at  a workshop  that I was conducting that you can run with the big wand and make bubbles that way too. I loved this idea because kids love to run and this adds to the fun. One last thing I do is tohave the kids pop the bubble with a different body part this presents a bit of a challenge to them and requires a lot of reminding but it’s fun too.

I heard that you can get the bubble wand at other places besides Wal-Mart but I found the ones from there have worked the best for me. I’d love to hear about your experiences please feel free to comment . Also for more ideas check out http://heatlthykidsweightloss.com/info.

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