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Fitness Activity for Toddlers- Learning Patience

This is fitnesss activitiy is to help children learn rhythm and timing and to learn to take turns. In learning to take turns toddlers learn patience. Which takes quiet a bit of practice for their age because everything at this age is about me me me. Learning to wait for their turn is an important skill that toddlers must develope. It is a social skill and this particular activity helps them to work with others and bulids comraderie as they cheer one another on. Sometimes they even say one another’s name in an effort to help.

This is a very popular activity in my dance classes held on site at preschools through out New Jersey. The school above Lil Tykes Learning Center in East Orange, New Jersey and also a part of the Tri City Peoples Corporation, have dance as a part of their learning curriculum. It is given at no additional charge and is a $55 per month per child value that is freely given to their parents. The teachers and parents appreciate having the convenience of having it at the school and love the fact that it’s so much more than dance, and learning as well.

This is a great activity for circle time or for children to use at home. Children doing it at home can use their stuffed animals. You can also substitue say your age also to add some variety or change the beat. It’s all up to you and the chlildren so have fun!

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