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Fitness Activity for Kids

It is important to have a variety of fitness activities for kids. Having variety keeps children’s interest and enagages them. When people think of fitness they think of rigorous movement or some form of movement. In addition to movement we need transitional activities also that help quiet the mind and body. This particular activity is one that quiets the body and  can be used in three ways. It can be used for developing listening skills and helping children to pay attention. It can also be used for learning self control and patience. The activity is called the MAGIC NUMBER .

This is an activity that involves you counting and the children listening. Have the children lie on the floor. Explain that they are taking a rest and that it will be time to get up after you say the magic number. Tell them the magic number. Ask them what is the magic number and have them tell it to you. Have them lie down and then begin to count.  In between your counting ask the children is it time to get up. They will love to scream back at you NO! Once you say the magic number it is time to stand up.

This activity is used to transition from rigorous activity such as playing in the gym, outside,  dancing or any where they have been exerting themselves and need to take a rest. Although children have a lot of energy, their energy is spurts and they need rest periods in between.  In can be used any time you want the children to settle down and be still. Don’t worry about whether or not the children can count up to a certain number because in this exercise they are listening for the magic number. In time they will learn the correct sequence of counting.

I use dance as a media for learning. In addition to learning dance moves from Classical Ballet, or Hip Hop we also do a lot of running, skipping, galloping, jumping and hopping so this exercise works very nicely as a way to give them a rest and still have learning and skill building take place. Focusing and listening are two essential skills that children will need for school and life.

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