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Fitness Activity for Kids- Walking With You

A very effective activity for kids is walking. Walking is an excellent fat burning activity. It is a great activity for teachers to do in school as well as parents to do at home with their kids. Here in the northeast we are having very snowy and inclement weather. It seems every time we look around it is snowing, sleeting or raining. And if that is not happening it is frigid temperatures outside. Yet it is still beneficial for you to take your children outside. There are several benefits to walking besides the physical benefits.

In cold weather make sure your children are dressed warmly, that means scarves, hats and gloves. Make sure they are zipped up well and if really cold have on hats and hoods and scarves around their neck and face. You will not be out very long and you will be moving a little faster than you normally would. A good way to accomplish this is through marching. Have them count and see how far they can count up to or they can count the usual hut 2, 3, 4! or 1,2,3,4!

Just because they are walking they don’t have to walk the entire time. They can stop and march in place or march in a circle or weave in and out of one another. Of course you will use common sense and if it is frigidly cold you will not keep them out long 5 minutes is enough for them to get some fresh air. In addition they can hop in place or jump in place or even skip. These activities will keep them warm and burn calories at the same time.

You can also have them do observation activities like count how many cars they see on the street or how many people. How many were grownups. How many were children like them. Were they males or females, boys or girls. Did they see any animals or what did they see. Upon returning to the school or home recall what happened on the walk.

It’s an opportunity for you to bond with your children. Communication and linguistic skills are enhanced and exercised and learning opportunities are available in which you learn about them and they about you. If the weather doesn’t permit going outside you can always walk in your school or take a trip to the mall or a museum. It is totally up to you and your child, remember to get their input too. Have fun!

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2 Responses to “Fitness Activity for Kids- Walking With You”

  1. Walking and bonding certainly can be real enough but it helps to start the practice early on. It is hard (tho not impossible!) to initiate a lot of things when it hasn’t been a pattern. I am grateful to living close to the school so my grandson can walk. He is not really allowed to walk alone until; after 2nd grade so I have enjoyed these past 2 and a half years of walking with him. I am really hoping that when it is no longer required, he won’t shake me off completely!

    When he was younger, we walked to the village. There was a park bench about half way there and we many times would stop there and I’d pull out a book. Sometimes I’d forget to have a book and we would stop and make up a story. Sometimes we’d walk in a nearby conservation area and pretend to be looking for clues in some mystery or some other pretend game. These were all activities that made the walking something to look forward to…. for both of us!

    • D'TaRelle F. Tullis says:

      Richard, thank you so much for your comment. It is so refreshing to know that there are still people in the world today that realize the importance of bonding with their children. I commend you on taking such an active and positive role in your grandson’s life. Not only are you being a great help to your children in providing support for your grandson but you are also instilling healthy habits in your grandson both for his physical body and his emotional and mental bodies as well.

      You are helping to stimulate and use his imagination, creating a love of reading and books and a love of learning and exploring as well. He is being made to feel special as you take the time out of your schedule to walk him to school. This means a lot to children and builds their self esteem and helps them to value themselves. They learn this as someone is showing that they value them.

      Thanks so much for visiting Richard and be sure to come again and share your wisdom and experiences.

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